half man half shark

half man half shark     

Life as a carbon-based life form; a journey of building on success and learning from mistakes.

Parenting #84

Scrambled with Daddy.


Living in the land of seasonal bushfires. I volunteered as part of the rural fire services.

Breeding betta

Working less, but always busy. Into breeding betta fighting fish these days.

Hello Spring

An important reminder that nature is a lifecycle.

She's a smart one

Smart people are the ones that has a plan and date sets against it. It give life purpose and meaning. While everyone else just living with hope and disappointed with life.


Once broken, it can never be fixed.

Dream retirement home

Living in top floor of an Victorian building, watching crowded of people. Abit far for my reach, this charm will probably goes for $5M. Give me a sign.

Parenting #83

Broken tooth, it hurts. Dont need to explain, just long hugs.


Risk at losing my zing, need to get some activity back.


The smell of camp fire warm the heart.

Beach life

Too much time, little progress.


What is love? Is it lust, being responsibility, life long dedication or selfish?


There is no such thing as busy, only priorities.

Parenting #82

You are so much more.

Thanks Claude Monet

I studied art history, 20 years later I understood the meaning of being an Impressionist. Painting is just a median. The idea is to capture leisure scenes, such as reading, cafe, beaches, gardens, and public parks. Universal can be found everywhere.Timely at anytime.

Setting long-term goals

Short-term is 3 weeks. Medium-term is 3 months. Long-term is 3 years.Aims to pay $1 tax.$5k passive income as a start.60,000 users and trusted by 2,000 businesses.


I still enjoy fixing stuffs.

Good memories

All my good memories are related to oceans.

Being and time #1

Being and time is my reflection philosophy being in the world. As human being we protect and wants children to experience the best, from what they eats to what they learn. I believe there needs to be a balance between academic & play, financial & creativity.


Cheap and good.

Cause and effect

Silly girl.

Parenting #81

Afternoon fishing practice.


Second chance. Nothing has changed.

Father's Day

Its not the gifts. Its not the parties Its the smiles from Number 1.


Dreams dont work unless you do.

Could have

Could have been someone important. Could have been high risk-high return person. But instead stuck on 3rd gear moving with the same crowd.

Three Seasons

After 20 years and I'm still in love with this.

Pinky promises

Those pinky promises are more important than any legally binding documents. I will give you my entire world.


Tenant will be locked in when rental renewed in the month of January.

Ordinary birthday

Nothing special for birthday. Just eat and drinks. I missed "advanced happy birthday masarap."

Small business

True. When your business is growing, Australian Tax Office simply just milk you like a cow.


Its true what they say, "old and grumpy"


Sky Celestial.


Tree is a symbolic of family relations.

Parenting #80

Extra study on weekdays are ok. Happy weekend.

No more I love you

I dont get many hugs and kisses.


When I see other people have more kids, I still wanted a son. I got many boy's talents to teach.

Eye candy

Yes, I am eye candy.


Doing things that nobody would do is my kind of romance.


Still loving you the same.


As I get older, I focus on whats important. Everyhing is equal second.

Time is precious

Don't waste it.

Good genes

I got good genes, but only one child to pass on.

Parenting #79

Class troublemaker.


To much things todo, but lack clarity and planning.


Lately I'm into Victorian Classic buildings.

Eye candy

Pretty to look at, but hard to catch.

Parenting #78

Learning or more important than results.


Mid-life got a little interesting.


My favourite sitting place to eat and make things with Ella.

Less is more

When you have a daughter, wife or girlfriend.

Big break

The choices between staying home contracting work or travel for 2yrs to own a $6M project.Will pocket at least $2M at the end.


The club isn't the my place, so the bar is where I go.


Business and career decisions are easy.Feelings is hard.

Bad seeds

Bad decision, makes good story.


Staying for role and responsibility.


My city is surrounded by ocean.

Parenting #77

Happy weekend. Daddy duty.

Startup ideas

Too many ideas floating in my head, but cant find the will to execute it.


I will be there when she gets her first tattoo.

Be as you are

My only intentions is to see you are happy.

Hate you

I trust her because she said 'hate u'. This colour tone is my feeling for her.

Throwback #7

Brussels. Food taste better when you're missing home.


Everyone wants to get on for a fairytale ending.You are on your own.There will be bitter and sweet times.


Good days give us happiness. Bad days give us experience. Worst days give us a lesson.

Parenting #76

Happy birthday princess.

Corporate life

Corporate life is not a life. Expectation for growth is above all else.

Parenting #75

Doing homework, teaching her that there many ways to arrive at the same result.

Parenting #74

There are type of parents forced their children achieved dreams which they missed. I'm the type who help them develop their own creativity and interests. They must be confidence and happy with themselves.

Parenting #73

Catching garden bugs and colour them.


Happiness grow where you water it.

Monday feel

First day of the week feels extremely busy. If it's under control the rest of the week will turn out manageable.

Parenting #72

Play, laugh and tooth gap.

Stay with me

Its full of wonderful memories.

When I die

I want to die by alcohol poisoning or during adventure.


Blue, soft and fluffy.

Sweetest thing

Everybody wants to rule the world.


A blurred photo is full of secret messages to my future self... 2050.


When its raining outside, she's there to warm the heart.

Parenting #71

Every moment with you is the moment I remember.


This X100S has been across Europe, US and Asia. Well used and now retiring. I never sell my old stuffs, I only get more. Same rules for marriage.


She's imperfect, but she tries She is good, but she lies She is hard on herself She is broken and won't ask for help She is messy, but she's kind She is lonely most of the time She is gone, but she used to be mine For the girl that I knew Who'll be reckless, just enough Who'll get hurt, but who learns how to toughen up When she's bruised and gets used by a man who can't love And then she'll get stuck She is gone, but she used to be mine


Real happiness is shared.

Parenting #70

I'm not fit for fatherhood.

Society vs life

How to balance between the society noise and living a good life, or rage against the machine?


Same routine everyday. It's more fun in the P...

Something never change

Love one self in pursue of happiness.


Long distance.

The loss creativity years

Married life kills creativity. Because I'm bondage to a work for others to maintain my spouse living standard. I just want a minimalist life to focus on my creativity.

Ticket to nowhere

I'm dont believe in luck, but now I want it to happen.


Up for you is down.

Double life

Life is not as straightforward. I wont tell you I care, but I will show you.

What if

Masarap #3


There is a growing dark side of me.

Keep moving

The constant travels and photography is my medicine.