half man half shark

half man half shark     

Life as a carbon-based life form; a journey of building on success and learning from mistakes.

A full life

I think I have lived a full life by 2019 (40). I'm ready to die anyday. But not yet, because I still want to see Ella being independent.

Favourite pub

My all time favourite bar to chill after work.


In 2019 I have an anger issue. Please stay away, just leave me alone.

Aussie lifestyle

Sun. Sand. Beach. Thats the Aussie life.

A pic a day

I feels busier at home and time flies by. Perhaps its the constant routine and the domestic work.


Blooming from the inside. Middle life stage.


Getting into trends.

Hello Spring

Smile of Spring.


Sweet like rain.


My favourite drink.

Your smile

Seeing through your eyes.


Confidence is doing things your way, not because somebody else say this is how it should be done.


Play with my utong.


Education boils down to three types of character. WHAT. Those who remember well and applied what they see, fast reaction and decision making. HOW. Scientific, rational minds. Always looking for patterns and how nature of things. Opportunity class (OC) are designed to pick out these talents. WHY. Thinker and creative. Great potential when express and applied at the correct timing. Which pathway should I invest for Ella?

Post secrets

I took photographs for myself, and share them as secret messages.

Holy week

I like the rain in June.

The other side

I think you are right.

Coming home

Love is an astronaut; travelled the world to make the love stronger. I'll be misunderstood. Take me by the hand just don't try and understand.

Parenting #72

6,000km a part... Father's Day and all I wanted is to you.

L'etage Cafe

I love every little details in this vintage photo. Make me wants to semi-retired like this.

Pack packer living

Homeless in Singapore. Staying in back packer accommodation, kinda enjoy co-sharing space.

Parenting #71

6,000km apart.. happy sweet 6 birthday. I will make your world beautiful and full of laughter.

Don't change

In the world full of trends, I will remain a timeless classic.

More fun

Its more fun in the Philippines


A man loyalty is tested when he has everything.

Parenting #70

6,000km apart... I miss walking you to school every morning.

Parenting #69

6000km apart. I think Number 1 will love this idea.

Masarap #4

Chyy27: Firm and fit.

Masarap #1

Turning point

They say judge a man by his decision, not where he came from.

Masarap #3

Parenting #68

1,600km apart; not being there to teach you creative.

Favourite thing

Number 1 favourite thing. Even bringing them to school.

10 Years Anniversary

Happy 10 Years Anniversary darling. We travelled the world together, to make the love stronger.

Say something

Home is not an address or a place; but at the people you chose to be with. There are some life mistakes, faking your own death is better than facing reality.


Forgive me, I am a sinner. Heaven is full and not my kind of place. I am happy here on Earth.


Cant wait to see you possum.


Who the fuck am I doing this for? Not me.

Masarap #2

Bachelor life

Take out food and dirty clothes.


The average Singaporean has goverment shelter. Own no assets, living under the authoriorian state.

Throwback #8

Wake up before everyone does.

Throwback #7

Most memorable Czech meal.

Number 2

Keeping my promise.

Parenting #67

Flying kangaroo.

Throwback #6

Europe skyline.

Nine stories

I dont share in social networking. My stories are told in private and my own weblog. Uncensored and mysterious.

Everyone is

Different. Smile. No love.

No God

I dont believe God. Because I believe in cause and effect. Give kindness to good people, punishment to stupid people.

Corridor of life

Rich is when you have money while you are alive. Legacy is when die someone remember you. Free is when you are content with what you have. Love is when someone is thinking of you. Wise is when you travel, sharing with the one you Love. Happy is when you found the balance between being Free, Love and Wise. Lost is when you dont see what you have and you keep seeking.

Parenting #66

6,000 km apart; I missed the adventures and celebrating Tết (Lunar New Year) with you.

Year of the Dog

I miss you my friend. You bring me many laughter and happiness.

Parenting #65

6,000 km apart; I missed my Valentines date night.

Parenting #64

6,000 km apart; I missed your first day of school.


She meeting the man of her dream and then meeting his beautiful wife.

People and beliefs

People are happy when they have something to believe. It makes them obedient.

Parenting #63

6,000 km apart; I missed the smell of your hair.

Goodbye soon

It’s not hard to say goodbye because I was never felt belonging here.