half man half shark

half man half shark     

Life as a carbon-based life form; a journey of building on success and learning from mistakes.


I really like the food, but it was too short. We will meet again.

Aussie guide to new year

Welcoming the new year in Aussie style. All ypu need is BBQ, beach, beer, friends and fishing.

Lost and found

5 million people; some are lost and others have found.

Parenting #62

Seeing different people celebrating Christmas across the world.


Thinking about it.


Thinking about it.

Parenting #61

Story about a fly. One day a fly buzzing around the room, it landed on Mum's cheek, she hit it and it stuck there eversince.

Get there

Heaven is full.

Remembering Grandma

My earliest memory with Grandma is cuddling me in her arms when I have a fever around 7yo. She said 'the tiger is outside the door, so go to sleep.'

Grandma passing

Grandma passing away peacefully in her sleep. Yet, I emotionless, perhaps I'm too busy with work.

Throwback #6

I miss driving my own car.


Electric lantern of old city.

Standing tall

Be like a tree, standing tall and enjoy the view.


Something you see will stay with you.


Women need to feel loved and men need to feel needed.

Throwback #5

Midday sun in Venice.


There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stair.

Throwback #4

Christmas is just around the corner.

Best wishes

Wishing this couple perpetual happiness.


Success isn't measured by what you archieve, it's measured by the obstacles you overcome.

Heaven is full

To live a life of lies, compromises, and according to others, is to live in Hell.


Travel far, because every place is special in its own ways.

Parenting #60

SMILE is the most important five character word in life.

Parenting #59

She float like a feather, in a beautiful world.


I want a perfect soul, I want you to notice.


When you were here before. You're just like an angel.


Landscape influence the mind.


Taipei is a version of Saigon 30 years from now. Let's start planning investment.

Parenting #58

I love the sense of her hair.

Traveling slave

I spent too much time for someone else business and not spending enough time for my own family.

Father's Day

Father and Daughter.

Dutch #16

A Director and his Daughter. Catching the last train home.


Progress is iterative and results are incremental.


When you're not home on weekdays because of work, it helps to marry someone who has creativity to find her own interests and self dependent. Not in my case.

Success and timing

Some people I met admired my journey, my word of wisdom is to do what you enjoy it's about timing, not persistence.

Parenting #57

Every child need fairystories. Today she was told that it's rain because the clouds are feeling sad.


We lived different lives for different reasons.

Throwback #3

We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.

Throwback #2

Photography is capturing a feeling of that moment.

Throwback #1

Alphen aan den Rijn means 'town by the river'.


Asia pace is chaotic and in circle. People should learn to chill out like Austrian, enjoy the weather and the view.

Parenting #56

With you life is an adventure.

Parenting #55

It's fun and game until somebody got hurt. Playing with image editing while pulling out Ella baby teeth.


Everyone is good and deseved a second chance.

Parenting #54

Teach her to be down to earth, love nature and stay curious.

The other side

Home is where the heart is.


A cool girl named JC.

Home sick

I missed the Australian sun, sand and surf.

Parenting #54

Ella enjoys photography.

Advice from a tree

Inspired by motivation quote means going through a trough patch of life.

Beyond tomorrow #14

Or life can be eating evening meals alone.

Beyond tomorrow #13

Life can be a legacy.

Beyond tomorrow #12

Your plans and principles are the key.

Beyond tomorrow #11

And there are temptations.

Beyond tomorrow #10

There are temptations.

Beyond tomorrow #9

By now you realised life is just a game. When you're young its all about winning, once you are wise you know when it's important to lose.

Beyond tomorrow #8

By mid 30's you are bored and out of energy. Building a family is not easy.

Beyond tomorrow #7

And there will be rainny days too.

Beyond tomorrow #6

You take on the world and the challenges of society. Always looking up, there will be sunny days.

Beyond tomorrow #5

This the next few years will pass by very fast.

Beyond tomorrow #4

Then you met someone who give you a purpose and energy in life.

Beyond tomorrow #3

It has been a stressful week, everyone is busy but unproductive. It's a corporate life. So I decided to explore this Singapore to clear my head, see places and the people. Sometimes you just live with the chances life given you.

East and west

Europe is slower pace, so you get to appreciate the little things from nature. Like that breath of fresh air in the morning.

Parenting #53

It'd been two weeks since she on holiday in Vietnam. I missed her sound of voice.

I walk alone

I walk on this life journey alone. Life is like a sketch book, each page is blank, no lines, no rules. Use the lessons learnt of past pages to write the next chapter. Despite all the negative messages people say around you, don't listen to the voices in your head, but follow your intuition.

Food glorious food

The best thing about Singapore is definitely the food. Foreigners called them street food or food court. Locals called them hawker centre. They are cheap and delicious, but unhealthy.

School search

In search for a local school for Ella. Academic education is not important, its social and negotiating skills she must mastered.

Garden by the Bay

Icecream, delicious icecream on the hot tropical day.


People work around the clock, like machine.

Reduce poverty in Asia

Nobel but also very wasteful.

Night walkers

In Asia cities people roam the street late into the night because there is lack of home comfort like privacy and air conditioning. So people leave work late and come home late.

No lunch

I gave up my lunch money so a whole family can have food for a day.

Down to Earth

I can really relates to image. I'm a spaceman with no home, travel beyond and limitless. Who felt in love with a mermaid and the reality of evetyday life constraints, social intelligence, family and children.


Balance between family and money is always on-going. In Asia there is more demand, more travels, more witty. Its takes up alot more energy and cutting into family time.


Today for a brief moment I thought about Europe. I missed crispy fresh smell of early morning.

Party of three

Next adventure, traveling through Asia with these two.

Singapore food

the street food is sublime.

Goodbye Europe

Every story must end, moving on to my next adventure. Spending a week vacation in Austria and Czech Republic for some sightseeing. Thanks for the lovely memories.

Parenting #52

During the day, its Daddy everything. During the night, Daddy go away, Daddy sleep on the couch.

Dutch #15

A simple Dutch wedding is very small and casual. Wishing you both all the happiness.


It didn't came across my mind until today, its most likely this country is making my missus depressed and its beginning to effect our relationship.


Its snowing on the Saturday morning, reminds you that the world is a beautiful place.


Asia is our next adventure destination.

Thanks Joe

Custom dotwork, black and geometry. Tattoo is visual story telling about ones past. It start with good artwork and ends with a lesson. Circle. In the 1970's, a turn in political event in Vietnam violently exile our family to a new country. Triangle. In 2012, fatherhood changed me a better man. Like sand and water, I am a link between my anUTCors and the new generation that follows. Diamond. In 2015, take the family on adventure through Europe. Discovering that being rich is having moments that money can't buy. A starry night. To be continue..


We all have to die some day.

Parenting #52

A daughter needs a dad to be the standard against which she will judge all men.

Each others

We can do anything, what we need are each others. Every sunset looks better with you.

Dutch #14

These cluster of cottages are private garden of the working class. People who lives in appartment don't have space would rent or buy these small properties for weekend.

Dutch #13

The wealthest Dutch and Dutches lives on farm land.

Turn left

Two roads in the yellow wood, I took the left road to a tropical weather. The travel adventure continues.

Parenting #50

Spending NYE in Amsterdam has been the best choice. Like lighting your own fireworks show is priceless.