half man half shark

half man half shark     

Life as a carbon-based life form; a journey of building on success and learning from mistakes.


Collect memories not things. But things that gets better with age is worth collecting.

Parenting #50

Her playfulness brings warmth to both our hearts.

Dutch #11

Grey sky, Winter is coming.

Dutch #11

They are tall and beautiful people. Girls are fiercely independent.

Dutch #10

A city below sea water level.

Making jelly

Ella first time in the kitchen, making jelly.

Beyond Tomorrow #1

A collection of notes about things that we can do today for the next generation. No one should go hungry and having to steal food.

Middle class

Stuck in middle class is the worst in a capitalist system, you paid the highest tax, everything you purchase has further taxes, peak hours public transportion is higher. The government will squeeze every cents the middle class earn.


A wise man said, trust a man likes drinking because he will never drink a lone. Men who likes smoking, womanising and gambling will want to enjoy it all by them selves.

Dutch #8

I enjoy the feeling in a nice cosy place after the morning frost walk.

Dutch #7

The traditional Dutch don't flash their wealth in public. They lived a conservative life behind closed door, they are also less charitable. You can tell alot about a person based on their home content.

Dutch #6

Everyday I increasingly have affections towards this Amsterdam, mostly about the atmosphere and the coffeeshops.

Dutch #5

Cats and dogs are well loved.

Dutch #4

Bakfiet means cargo bike. They are practical utility bicycles to carry anything from plants to childrens.

Dutch #3

Dutch love fried snacks.

Parenting #49

I believe a study desk overlooking the window will make you more creative. I also let you choose to write with left or right hand.


Traveled to Brussels Tattoo Convention only to be disappointed. I sent Matteo N my concepts many weeks ahead, he didn't sketch them ready in time for the convention. I want my own artwork, and the artist style. You don't rush these sort of things. Next time. --

Dutch #2

Autumn paint the landscape with golden fallen leafs. --

Parenting #48

I missed my little possum, I haven't tickle her in almost three months. --


I like picking on the bone because meat near the bone taste best. My favourite is the head. --

Dutch #1

All the cycling makes resulted in more than 90% of the population slim. --


Mentoring subtly: ask what is their PLAN in life rather than what job they want. Successful life is by planning, not by finding a secured job. Sometimes this means you have to walk the road less taken. --

Rain rain

The rainy season has arrived in The Netherlands. Its beautiful at night but depressing by day. --

Getting old

Looking forward to getting old and skin full of ink. --


Learn the rules, so you know when to break them. --


This country is flat and agricultural fields that stretched to infinity. --

Young Capital

Interesting business idea to provide job placement for new graduates. Low cost and they are quick learner. --


The camera on the iPhone isn't too bad, more manual control features. Will use this tool capture everyday life regularly.

Love hate

Living in Netherlands for over a year I came to love the landscape, but I hate the weather.


There are moments when we look outside and see so much about ourselves. --


Bobby came into my dream last night. He came home and I gave him a bath. Such an ugly dog, I miss the little guy. Every need to grow up with pets, it you appreciate and enjoy the simple life.


It was a privilege to be a practical supervisor for the MBA thesis. Good work Onder G. --

Man of few words

I'm a man of few words. We made many sacrifices, its my priority to keep everyone healthy and happy. --

Film photography

Tried my hand on DIY analog film without success. --

Goldfish bowl

Majority of us live in a goldfish bowl. School for 12 years. University for 4 years. Then work 9 till 5 till you die. And if you die poor thats your fault, because there were plenty of opportunities during your life time to learn from mistakes. --

Where is the love?

No calls for several days now and I didn't missed them as much as I should. Perhaps love has faded along the way? Perhaps I have a change of heart? Perhaps we are going through the mid life crisis phase? --


I like old stuff, better than the new stuff. Got this worn out baby for EUR 20, throw in an additional EUR 30 to change the tyres.

Its a beautiful world

Its a beautiful world, now how can we make it better than when we found it. I like Mark Zuckerberg's philosophy. One present action must be valued more than his past mistakes. --


I'm ambitious to make lots of money... so I can change the important issues. I can give all the elderly people in Vietnam a retirement housing, so they don't have to wandering the street. I want to give free education to the kids, just like others has done for me. --

Apple iOS app

Created my first Apple iOS app, looking forward to learning and improving in this exciting area. Many thanks to Brian Voong tutorials on YouTube. --

Bachelor lifestyle

Enjoying bachelor the life in Amsterdam. --

Kangaroo Valley

I put on my head phone but I'm not listening to music. I prefers the sound of silence to hear myself think. --

Hyams Beach

The world is not as pure as you see them on pictures. Sometimes our actions have unknown future consequences. One thing certain is we don't destroy what took more than a decade to build.

Just you and me buddy

The missus and Ella is still in Sydney enjoying their extra long vacation. Bought three siamese fighting fish over, but only one survived the journey. --

Parenting #47

Teaching them bout risks and managed risks. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

Old man by the sea

Family holidaying at Vincentia. I met this old man by the sea, he's down size his family home next door. His kids has grown up now he lived by himself by the sea. The grandkids often visits to ride bicycles, canoe and playground. As a child we loved the sounds of the ocean, as a old man we obsess with return to origin.


Visiting home after 11 months abroad. Home sweet home, where the air smell fresh and the food is delicious.


I don't own many material things because everybody dies, everybody need just 1 square meter of space for the grave. I go to great length to search for the right thing and the exact style. I don't follow trends or brands. The Jorg Gray timepiece is the same one as worn by President Barrack Obama.

Parenting #46

Daughter: Ba, Ella lon roi, Ella ngu moi minh. (Daddy, Ella sleep alone, Ella is older now).Dad: Ba ngu dau? (Where will Dad sleeps?)Daughter: Ngu voi Me. (Sleeps with Mum.)

Global citizen

My frequent travel and upbringing of Ella will make her a global citizen. There is a high probability that she will grow up and travel extensively. One rule is clear, she must travel with a companion, whether its boyfriend or girlfriend.

Happiness is

Happiness is when the people important to you are happy. I want both of our parents to travel to Europe next year, all paid for. Enjoy travel while they still have good health.

EuroPride 2016

The Dutch's liberal view on cannabis has open doors to:Hosting the best party events.Best dance festival.Third most visited city in Europe.Closure of prisons because of lack of crime.


Success is a state of mind.

Mindset is a threat

National security threat, its an excuse to lockdown. Control the transport system and you control the population.


I'm still passionate about tattoo. My old school boy Quang Sta is still the best in Cabramatta.


One day I will start binding a hardcover book collection from these weblog pages.

Parenting #45

Wear your smile everywhere, it is both beautiful and sweet.


A father create magic.


The burden of in law can sometimes be an obstacle. Trust takes a long time to gain. I have one circle, my family and everybody else is outside.

By the sea

You arrived at the end your journey just to find where you started. Will I be the old man who lived by the sea?

What are we now?

We argue often now, over the small things.


At the core of startup mission is 'sell the problem you solve, not a product.'

Dinning out with a 4 year old

Dad: Where are we? Daughter: At dining Dad: Then be polite and eat ...after dining Dad: Good, OK go play and be careful not to run into people Daughter: OK

Past, present and future

What everyone see is my past, what I'm doing now nobody knows, and what I'm going to do nobody will believe.


Knowledge is measured in kilometres, not how books you have read. Books are well arrangement of words by the one person [the author] point of view.


Don't look up for the lifestyle that is beyond your reach, look down to appreciate how successful you have became. Be contempt.

Parenting #44

Be a good kid and treats other people with lots of respect.

Giethoorn Village, Netherlands

Silence and water is the sweetest sound.

Individual vs social

Finding identity in a social world. We say we want to be an individual, yet our social habits is to follow everybody so we can be accepted. We wear the same fashion, we live in the same housing, we buy the same goods and we eat the same food.

Rule of three

If you see something wrong, change it. After three tries and you still can't change it. Leave it.

Personally meaningful moments

I came across Eric Kim's blog on personal photography. A well written and insightful piece, follow these guidelines.


I haven't drove a car in 10 months. Living outside of Australia make me realised that Australian ways of life are heavily influenced by American culture, food, driving and trend. Our law and social structure on the other hand are identical to Canada.

Parenting #43

Society popularised people at the peak of their success but never try to discover their journey success. We should teach our children how to fail reminds us to have a firm goal and learn from mistakes on your journey to get there.

Career bio

Constantly keeping career bio relevant. As I because more professional I became, simplicity became important.

Venice, Italy

All the Venetian are long gone, all that remains are tourists. This is place is really heaven on Earth, I would revisit Venice again in the future.Tips for traveling to Venice are:Bring a map or GPS and get lost in the street and canals.Good food, our favourite place is Ristoteca Oniga.A EUR 30 for 2-days tickets allow you to travel on all water buses, it’s a great way to see all of Venice and it’s islands.

Pisa, Italy

Leaning tower of Pisa, not an architecture marvel but an act of God. It is quite boring.

Florence, Italy

The street are narrow and romantic people comes out to enjoy meals in the evening. Tips for traveling to Florence are:Walk, walk and more walk. Everything is within walking distant.Tiny buses fare is cheap, only EUR 3 per adults for a 90mins ride. Children heights lower than 1 meter is free.

Vatican City

Recognised as the smallest country in the world, the heart of Roman Catholic Church. This place house both good and evil. I’m not much of a religious person, the potential girls in my bachelor years wants to convert me.

Rome, Italy

The city is overcrowded with tourists and immigrants. Tips for traveling to Rome are:Travel lite and don’t act like an American tourist, you’ll be mugged.If you’re going to be there for a few days by the Metro day ticket, €7 per adults, children under 11 year old are free on all metro, bus and train public transports.Don’t bother buying bus fare, just hope on, no one every checks in the city packed with tourists.It’s an open air archeological city, be prepare to do lots of walking.

Parenting #42

Every loving parent see their child as amongst the stars.


Traveling alone help discover oneself.


Retirement Plan B is to be a Venetian water taxi driver. Lived out my days in the sun, by the ocean and great food.

Love you long time

The secret of long lasting relationship is trial and error. Trial is taking a solo adventure together, like back packing or travel together to outside of your comfort zone. It teaches you to be patient, be careful and be polite. Error is journey together through the happy, sad and quite times.

Parenting #41

To tell you the truth, nobody know the right answer. As parents we all trying to figure it out.


Our flaws is what makes us human.

Women and wealth

This view from his million dollar home, he has many wives. Yet he is still far from being happy. He is in a pursue of perpetual change.

Parenting #40

A father's responsibility is to set the path for you, but it is up to you choose to walk or depart from it. It is the architecture of who are.


It was brief but full of little memories. See you again.

Parenting #39

Taught balance and rotary skills. Now she's riding bicycle without training wheels.

Parenting #38

We sends Ella to local school for the purpose of making friends and socialising. After school she is teaching us Dutch and sang Dutch kinder songs. This is her Group 1 (kindergarten) teachers and class mates.


I want both my parents and in laws enjoy their retirement years, travel far and enjoy while in good health. My Dad is exceptionally benevolent person.

When Heaven and Earth Changed Places

The movie was awkward because the spoken language is in English. Some parts should be in Vietnamese with subtitles for greater authenticity. There are many memorial quotes, right is only the goodness you carry in your heart... wrong is all that between you and the love.

Parenting #37

A person is made by the environment you lived in and the people you influenced by. In many ways bringing up a daughter is like molding her into the pretty girl that I admired during the bachelor years. Pretty is making her own hair, decorate it with objects, fashion her style and read books like a nerd. And when you are in your teen, I will connect you to these types to be mentored and inspired.

To the future me

Cheers to the future me; I drink half now and save the half full bottle for later. When I'm old and wiser, these bottle collections are the traces of travel adventure.

Amazing city

I haven't had a stressful day in 8 months.

Jupiter six

He who is not courage enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life - Mohammed Ali


Everything because of her, for her and about her.

Pivotal career

At the pivotal of my career, I do very little work and everything to do with decision making. Decision with commercial, talent and strategic competitive direction.

Small package

Happiness came in small package. I'm using this made in Germany rare original mechanic to capture negative space theme.


The Grand Canyon, Arizona is indeed one of nature's marvel. Traveling alone give me an opportunity to think about thinking. What kind of legacy should I leave behind? I want to be that father or that uncle who provides the funding on your business idea. Empowering the next generation to be evermore successful.

The Girl and the Magic Paint Brush

Things she paint comes to life, the sky is blue because she painted it so.

Rite of passage

Amsterdam always have the smell of cannabis in the air. The best time to be in Netherlands is New Year Eve when random firecrackers exploded in every direction. King's Day (27 April) is spectacularly spontaneous involved lots of beer, bar hopping and dancing with strangers on the street. You won't remember much of what happen the next day. I will send my daughter here for a year as the rite of passage.

Parenting #36

Happy birthday princess, you are four year old today.

Less is more

We are happier when we focus less on buying stuffs we don't need and more on the things that really matters.

Property investment rule

I'm not a big fan of investors, I think they are just a bunch of greedy liars, they had mastered the art of making money from fancy words. The truth is there is no shortcut to any place worth going. I paid off the principle home mortgage first then travel the world. Once I return in 3-5 years I will decides whether I want to grow the property portfolio or living a semi-retired lifestyle at 40s.

Parenting #35

Courage. Success in life is about managing risks, don't remove every obstacle from their path.

Return ticket

We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.


Gift to the amazing lady in my life.

Parenting #34

First day at Dutch school. Report from her teacher says she'd good social skills but often not willing to share toys. The result of no sibling rivalry.

Taste better

Life tastes better when you discover freedom.


A reason for being.

Time together

The greatest gift to someone is time together. Because they are an important part of your life.

Smart devices

Creating an entire generation of information addicts.

Postcards from the future

Photo included in each weblog entry is postcard from the future. Nobody know the story behind the image except you.

Dutch real estate

Property value are measured by north facing. The more sunlight the higher the value of the property.


I'd learned something important today from the #followmeto creator - focus on building high quality product, then people will come.


Come on woman, give me a break. I'm carrying an entire IT function on my shoulder and all you care about is petty cash.

Hello world

My philosophy for photography is about tracing personal experience. Its a visual autobiography intended for my future self. In the next 3 to 5 years, I'm going to travel the world for work, some people assume it was just lucky. The reality is, its hardwork and setting clear goals. 'Luck' will turn into opportunity and will be within reach. The choice is ours to seize the day. Should I invest into Leica gears or more travel? My medium term goal say its the latter. I will take my Fujifilm X100S with me through this journey.


Travel open new perspectives. Connect and share stories with people you meet.

24 hours

We don't buy things with money. We buy them with hours from our lives.

Disneyland, California

I was a sceptic at Disney at first. What Walt Disney has created is indeed magical.

Hollywood, Los Angeles

Keanu Reeves have my respect.

Jacksonville, Florida

Missed the space shuttle launch.

Houston, Texas

Steak are very good.

Las Vegas, Nevada

The city comes alive at night.


A whole week in Las Vegas, not spent a cent on gambling, caught chicken pox from Ella.


Leave nothing but footprints. Take nothing but photographs. Kill nothing but time. I'm taking timeout to enjoy the frozen canal.

Parenting #33

Appreciate life as it happens. Moments will soon pass and you wish you had treasured them more.


Its a reminder that human are fragile. Ella has been vaccinated, the symptom is only mild.


Wealthy people dress in plain clothes to demonstrate superiority.

Sustainable ideas

Success = market share. So what makes a startup idea successful? You tackle real world problems; creating future products and services that replace today, release it to the general population for free. Before email, there was snailmail. Before YouTube, there was TV. Before WhatsApp there was telegram. Before Facebook there was school reunion/family photo mail/evening phone calls with your mates. And finally concentrate all users through a single channel.

Solving real world problems

I don't denied children growing up from computers, I believe it is the essential productivity tool moving forward. Smart phone is for notification, tablet is for entertainment and laptop are for creating products. Teach children to create rather than consume. Lived by the four principles of learn for yourself, teach to others, create product together and share product to everyone.

No reason

When people are genuinely homeless I give generously, without reason, often everything I got in my pocket.

Power is addictive

I'm at risk at enjoying this director role, on the other hand running my own company I can be creative and more financial gains.

Pleasantly surprised

I was pleasantly surprised see the fist snow has arrived for Dutch Winter.

Parenting #32

Run free and managing risks are the next stage of development.

Birth, illness and death

Death of celebrities often go viral on the Internet. The fact is everybody dies in the end. Birth, illness and death are certain in life.

Grand ideas

I got plenty of grand ideas, like most people of my generation, I'm not patient enough to take it from concept into execution. Most of the roadblocks seemed to be tumbled on product which someone already had developed.

Look alike

It's like looking into a mirror.


Life's adventure is about doing things you have passion for, rather than watching what others are doing or just doing it because it is popular.

Street cafe

French music and black cafe makes Paris memorable.

NYE 2016

Goodbye 2015, hello 2016. 2015 was full of joy and memories. I have big plans in 2016 for travel, directorship and parenting. Time has a wonderful way to show us what really matters.