half man half shark

half man half shark     

Life as a carbon-based life form; a journey of building on success and learning from mistakes.

Almost lover

Time faded.

Parenting #92

Appreciation is a wonderful thing.

Parenting #91

Creating good memories and experiences with nature.

Lockdown in a frame

Someone asked how I am going during the COVID pandemic. I show them a photo of my desk.

Sad sad sad

When you feel stuck.

Free vs. Slave

A man who doesn’t have two-third of his day for himself is a Slave.


A woman spending too much time on Facebook is lazy.

Parenting #90

The best board games are the ones to make together.

Snake- ladder-teleport-fake-one.


These are my favourites to capture nostalgia life moments.


Almost forgotten how it smell.


Distant fade away reasons, only jokes and good times stayed with us.


Sydney Winter.


Getting better with age.

Office day

Meeting in the office. Never felt happy coming to work, must be the lockdown.

Birth place

Found a photo of my childhood home, my birth place.

Ocean air

Ocean air and sand below life. At times I hate being a breadwinner for the family, I'm not satisfied.

Parenting #89

Together time, spending hours playing puzzle with you.

Trying to scam

Trying to scam me aye mother fuckers. You'll get a surprise package your way.


Old and grumpy.


Choosing priority over important.

Rest in peace

If you don't want to see them in pain, let them go.

Goodbye Bav, Riendy, Fish #1 and Fish #2.


Working from home is rather pleasant.

Recession means lots of market opportunities.

Tough times

Tough times don't last, tough people do.

Parenting #88

Daddy give you wings so you can fly.


One of our first house we rented while settling in. Old memories bring back nostalgia.


I have, but what I really want is a Lotus Elise 2008 SC.


It only takes 1 minute to change.


Each day I solve micro IT problems. While the project stakeholders benefited from the economics. It's true what they say about, you're not freed until you make money in your sleep.


This is where I breed fish.


My favourite room with all the antique. But no time to appreciate it.

Parenting #87

I dry your hair after shower.

Rain and fire

I'll be here if you ever need anything.

Fuck this

I dont want to be normal. 5-days a week 9-to-5 in corporate is a dead end life. I might as well be dead. This marriage is going to break if choose to live life in my own terms.


Its not the destination, its who is with you on your journey.

Parenting #86

Pinky promise: You study smart and get trophies. I will buy us a holiday by the lake.

Parenting #85

I'm planning a six months vacation, twice a year with you.

Retirement plan in Macau

Here is the plan, own afew 7-Eleven stores ground level. Living in the upper floor of a heritage building, with busy nightlife activities below.


I wish my body can be timeshare. So much possibilities to make it successful here Asia countries. Married life lacks adrenaline.


This reminds so much of my childhood years.


Travel make the heart beat faster, the mind wiser, the body more virus.

Parenting #84

Scrambled with Daddy.


Living in the land of seasonal bushfires. I volunteered as part of the rural fire services.

Breeding betta

Working less, but always busy. Into breeding betta fighting fish these days.

Hello Spring

An important reminder that nature is a lifecycle.

She's a smart one

Smart people are the ones that has a plan and date sets against it. It give life purpose and meaning. While everyone else just living with hope and disappointed with life.


Once broken, it can never be fixed.

Dream retirement home

Living in top floor of an Victorian building, watching crowded of people. Abit far for my reach, this charm will probably goes for $5M. Give me a sign.

Parenting #83

Broken tooth, it hurts. Dont need to explain, just long hugs.


Risk at losing my zing, need to get some activity back.


The smell of camp fire warm the heart.

Beach life

Too much time, little progress.


What is love? Is it lust, being responsibility, life long dedication or selfish?


There is no such thing as busy, only priorities.

Parenting #82

You are so much more.

Thanks Claude Monet

I studied art history, 20 years later I understood the meaning of being an Impressionist. Painting is just a median. The idea is to capture leisure scenes, such as reading, cafe, beaches, gardens, and public parks. Universal can be found everywhere.Timely at anytime.

Setting long-term goals

Short-term is 3 weeks. Medium-term is 3 months. Long-term is 3 years.Aims to pay $1 tax.$5k passive income as a start.60,000 users and trusted by 2,000 businesses.


I still enjoy fixing stuffs.

Good memories

All my good memories are related to oceans.

Being and time #1

Being and time is my reflection philosophy being in the world. As human being we protect and wants children to experience the best, from what they eats to what they learn. I believe there needs to be a balance between academic & play, financial & creativity.


Cheap and good.

Cause and effect

Silly girl.

Parenting #81

Afternoon fishing practice.


Second chance. Nothing has changed.

Father's Day

Its not the gifts. Its not the parties Its the smiles from Number 1.


Dreams dont work unless you do.

Could have

Could have been someone important. Could have been high risk-high return person. But instead stuck on 3rd gear moving with the same crowd.

Three Seasons

After 20 years and I'm still in love with this.

Pinky promises

Those pinky promises are more important than any legally binding documents. I will give you my entire world.


Tenant will be locked in when rental renewed in the month of January.

Ordinary birthday

Nothing special for birthday. Just eat and drinks. I missed "advanced happy birthday masarap."

Small business

True. When your business is growing, Australian Tax Office simply just milk you like a cow.


Its true what they say, "old and grumpy"


Sky Celestial.


Tree is a symbolic of family relations.

Parenting #80

Extra study on weekdays are ok. Happy weekend.

No more I love you

I dont get many hugs and kisses.


When I see other people have more kids, I still wanted a son. I got many boy's talents to teach.

Eye candy

Yes, I am eye candy.


Doing things that nobody would do is my kind of romance.


Still loving you the same.


As I get older, I focus on whats important. Everyhing is equal second.

Time is precious

Don't waste it.

Good genes

I got good genes, but only one child to pass on.

Parenting #79

Class troublemaker.


To much things todo, but lack clarity and planning.


Lately I'm into Victorian Classic buildings.

Eye candy

Pretty to look at, but hard to catch.

Parenting #78

Learning or more important than results.


Mid-life got a little interesting.


My favourite sitting place to eat and make things with Ella.

Less is more

When you have a daughter, wife or girlfriend.

Big break

The choices between staying home contracting work or travel for 2yrs to own a $6M project.Will pocket at least $2M at the end.


The club isn't the my place, so the bar is where I go.


Business and career decisions are easy.Feelings is hard.

Bad seeds

Bad decision, makes good story.


Staying for role and responsibility.


My city is surrounded by ocean.

Parenting #77

Happy weekend. Daddy duty.

Startup ideas

Too many ideas floating in my head, but cant find the will to execute it.


I will be there when she gets her first tattoo.

Be as you are

My only intentions is to see you are happy.

Hate you

I trust her because she said 'hate u'. This colour tone is my feeling for her.

Throwback #7

Brussels. Food taste better when you're missing home.


Everyone wants to get on for a fairytale ending.You are on your own.There will be bitter and sweet times.


Good days give us happiness. Bad days give us experience. Worst days give us a lesson.

Parenting #76

Happy birthday princess.

Corporate life

Corporate life is not a life. Expectation for growth is above all else.

Parenting #75

Doing homework, teaching her that there many ways to arrive at the same result.

Parenting #74

There are type of parents forced their children achieved dreams which they missed. I'm the type who help them develop their own creativity and interests. They must be confidence and happy with themselves.

Parenting #73

Catching garden bugs and colour them.


Happiness grow where you water it.

Monday feel

First day of the week feels extremely busy. If it's under control the rest of the week will turn out manageable.

Parenting #72

Play, laugh and tooth gap.

Stay with me

Its full of wonderful memories.

When I die

I want to die by alcohol poisoning or during adventure.


Blue, soft and fluffy.

Sweetest thing

Everybody wants to rule the world.


A blurred photo is full of secret messages to my future self... 2050.


When its raining outside, she's there to warm the heart.

Parenting #71

Every moment with you is the moment I remember.


This X100S has been across Europe, US and Asia. Well used and now retiring. I never sell my old stuffs, I only get more. Same rules for marriage.


She's imperfect, but she tries She is good, but she lies She is hard on herself She is broken and won't ask for help She is messy, but she's kind She is lonely most of the time She is gone, but she used to be mine For the girl that I knew Who'll be reckless, just enough Who'll get hurt, but who learns how to toughen up When she's bruised and gets used by a man who can't love And then she'll get stuck She is gone, but she used to be mine


Real happiness is shared.

Parenting #70

I'm not fit for fatherhood.

Society vs life

How to balance between the society noise and living a good life, or rage against the machine?


Same routine everyday. It's more fun in the P...

Something never change

Love one self in pursue of happiness.


Long distance.

The loss creativity years

Married life kills creativity. Because I'm bondage to a work for others to maintain my spouse living standard. I just want a minimalist life to focus on my creativity.

Ticket to nowhere

I'm dont believe in luck, but now I want it to happen.


Up for you is down.

Double life

Life is not as straightforward. I wont tell you I care, but I will show you.

What if

Masarap #3


There is a growing dark side of me.

Keep moving

The constant travels and photography is my medicine.

A full life

I think I have lived a full life by 2019 (40). I'm ready to die anyday. But not yet, because I still want to see Ella being independent.

Favourite pub

My all time favourite bar to chill after work.


In 2019 I have an anger issue. Please stay away, just leave me alone.

Aussie lifestyle

Sun. Sand. Beach. Thats the Aussie life.

A pic a day

I feels busier at home and time flies by. Perhaps its the constant routine and the domestic work.


Blooming from the inside. Middle life stage.


Getting into trends.

Hello Spring

Smile of Spring.


Sweet like rain.


My favourite drink.

Your smile

Seeing through your eyes.


Confidence is doing things your way, not because somebody else say this is how it should be done.


Play with my utong.


Education boils down to three types of character. WHAT. Those who remember well and applied what they see, fast reaction and decision making. HOW. Scientific, rational minds. Always looking for patterns and how nature of things. Opportunity class (OC) are designed to pick out these talents. WHY. Thinker and creative. Great potential when express and applied at the correct timing. Which pathway should I invest for Ella?

Post secrets

I took photographs for myself, and share them as secret messages.

Holy week

I like the rain in June.

The other side

I think you are right.

Coming home

Love is an astronaut; travelled the world to make the love stronger. I'll be misunderstood. Take me by the hand just don't try and understand.

Parenting #72

6,000km a part... Father's Day and all I wanted is to you.

L'etage Cafe

I love every little details in this vintage photo. Make me wants to semi-retired like this.

Pack packer living

Homeless in Singapore. Staying in back packer accommodation, kinda enjoy co-sharing space.

Parenting #71

6,000km apart.. happy sweet 6 birthday. I will make your world beautiful and full of laughter.

Don't change

In the world full of trends, I will remain a timeless classic.

More fun

Its more fun in the Philippines


A man loyalty is tested when he has everything.

Parenting #70

6,000km apart... I miss walking you to school every morning.

Parenting #69

6000km apart. I think Number 1 will love this idea.

Masarap #4

Chyy27: Firm and fit.

Masarap #1

Turning point

They say judge a man by his decision, not where he came from.

Masarap #3

Parenting #68

1,600km apart; not being there to teach you creative.

Favourite thing

Number 1 favourite thing. Even bringing them to school.

10 Years Anniversary

Happy 10 Years Anniversary darling. We travelled the world together, to make the love stronger.

Say something

Home is not an address or a place; but at the people you chose to be with. There are some life mistakes, faking your own death is better than facing reality.


Forgive me, I am a sinner. Heaven is full and not my kind of place. I am happy here on Earth.


Cant wait to see you possum.


Who the fuck am I doing this for? Not me.

Masarap #2

Bachelor life

Take out food and dirty clothes.


The average Singaporean has goverment shelter. Own no assets, living under the authoriorian state.

Throwback #8

Wake up before everyone does.

Throwback #7

Most memorable Czech meal.

Number 2

Keeping my promise.

Parenting #67

Flying kangaroo.

Throwback #6

Europe skyline.

Nine stories

I dont share in social networking. My stories are told in private and my own weblog. Uncensored and mysterious.

Everyone is

Different. Smile. No love.

No God

I dont believe God. Because I believe in cause and effect. Give kindness to good people, punishment to stupid people.

Corridor of life

Rich is when you have money while you are alive. Legacy is when die someone remember you. Free is when you are content with what you have. Love is when someone is thinking of you. Wise is when you travel, sharing with the one you Love. Happy is when you found the balance between being Free, Love and Wise. Lost is when you dont see what you have and you keep seeking.

Parenting #66

6,000 km apart; I missed the adventures and celebrating Tết (Lunar New Year) with you.

Year of the Dog

I miss you my friend. You bring me many laughter and happiness.

Parenting #65

6,000 km apart; I missed my Valentines date night.

Parenting #64

6,000 km apart; I missed your first day of school.


She meeting the man of her dream and then meeting his beautiful wife.

People and beliefs

People are happy when they have something to believe. It makes them obedient.

Parenting #63

6,000 km apart; I missed the smell of your hair.


I really like the food, but it was too short. We will meet again.

Goodbye soon

It’s not hard to say goodbye because I was never felt belonging here.

Aussie guide to new year

Welcoming the new year in Aussie style. All ypu need is BBQ, beach, beer, friends and fishing.

Lost and found

5 million people; some are lost and others have found.

Parenting #62

Seeing different people celebrating Christmas across the world.


Thinking about it.


Thinking about it.

Parenting #61

Story about a fly. One day a fly buzzing around the room, it landed on Mum's cheek, she hit it and it stuck there eversince.

Get there

Heaven is full.

Remembering Grandma

My earliest memory with Grandma is cuddling me in her arms when I have a fever around 7yo. She said 'the tiger is outside the door, so go to sleep.'

Grandma passing

Grandma passing away peacefully in her sleep. Yet, I emotionless, perhaps I'm too busy with work.

Throwback #6

I miss driving my own car.


Electric lantern of old city.

Standing tall

Be like a tree, standing tall and enjoy the view.


Something you see will stay with you.


Women need to feel loved and men need to feel needed.

Throwback #5

Midday sun in Venice.


There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stair.

Throwback #4

Christmas is just around the corner.

Best wishes

Wishing this couple perpetual happiness.


Success isn't measured by what you archieve, it's measured by the obstacles you overcome.

Heaven is full

To live a life of lies, compromises, and according to others, is to live in Hell.


Travel far, because every place is special in its own ways.

Parenting #60

SMILE is the most important five character word in life.

Parenting #59

She float like a feather, in a beautiful world.


I want a perfect soul, I want you to notice.


When you were here before. You're just like an angel.


Landscape influence the mind.


Taipei is a version of Saigon 30 years from now. Let's start planning investment.

Parenting #58

I love the sense of her hair.

Traveling slave

I spent too much time for someone else business and not spending enough time for my own family.

Father's Day

Father and Daughter.

Dutch #16

A Director and his Daughter. Catching the last train home.


Progress is iterative and results are incremental.


When you're not home on weekdays because of work, it helps to marry someone who has creativity to find her own interests and self dependent. Not in my case.

Success and timing

Some people I met admired my journey, my word of wisdom is to do what you enjoy it's about timing, not persistence.

Parenting #57

Every child need fairystories. Today she was told that it's rain because the clouds are feeling sad.


We lived different lives for different reasons.

Throwback #3

We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.

Throwback #2

Photography is capturing a feeling of that moment.

Throwback #1

Alphen aan den Rijn means 'town by the river'.


Asia pace is chaotic and in circle. People should learn to chill out like Austrian, enjoy the weather and the view.

Parenting #56

With you life is an adventure.

Parenting #55

It's fun and game until somebody got hurt. Playing with image editing while pulling out Ella baby teeth.


Everyone is good and deseved a second chance.

Parenting #54

Teach her to be down to earth, love nature and stay curious.

The other side

Home is where the heart is.


A cool girl named JC.

Home sick

I missed the Australian sun, sand and surf.

Parenting #54

Ella enjoys photography.

Advice from a tree

Inspired by motivation quote means going through a trough patch of life.

Beyond tomorrow #14

Or life can be eating evening meals alone.

Beyond tomorrow #13

Life can be a legacy.

Beyond tomorrow #12

Your plans and principles are the key.

Beyond tomorrow #11

And there are temptations.

Beyond tomorrow #10

There are temptations.

Beyond tomorrow #9

By now you realised life is just a game. When you're young its all about winning, once you are wise you know when it's important to lose.

Beyond tomorrow #8

By mid 30's you are bored and out of energy. Building a family is not easy.

Beyond tomorrow #7

And there will be rainny days too.

Beyond tomorrow #6

You take on the world and the challenges of society. Always looking up, there will be sunny days.

Beyond tomorrow #5

This the next few years will pass by very fast.

Beyond tomorrow #4

Then you met someone who give you a purpose and energy in life.

Beyond tomorrow #3

It has been a stressful week, everyone is busy but unproductive. It's a corporate life. So I decided to explore this Singapore to clear my head, see places and the people. Sometimes you just live with the chances life given you.

East and west

Europe is slower pace, so you get to appreciate the little things from nature. Like that breath of fresh air in the morning.

Parenting #53

It'd been two weeks since she on holiday in Vietnam. I missed her sound of voice.

I walk alone

I walk on this life journey alone. Life is like a sketch book, each page is blank, no lines, no rules. Use the lessons learnt of past pages to write the next chapter. Despite all the negative messages people say around you, don't listen to the voices in your head, but follow your intuition.

Food glorious food

The best thing about Singapore is definitely the food. Foreigners called them street food or food court. Locals called them hawker centre. They are cheap and delicious, but unhealthy.

School search

In search for a local school for Ella. Academic education is not important, its social and negotiating skills she must mastered.

Garden by the Bay

Icecream, delicious icecream on the hot tropical day.


People work around the clock, like machine.

Reduce poverty in Asia

Nobel but also very wasteful.

Night walkers

In Asia cities people roam the street late into the night because there is lack of home comfort like privacy and air conditioning. So people leave work late and come home late.

No lunch

I gave up my lunch money so a whole family can have food for a day.

Down to Earth

I can really relates to image. I'm a spaceman with no home, travel beyond and limitless. Who felt in love with a mermaid and the reality of evetyday life constraints, social intelligence, family and children.


Balance between family and money is always on-going. In Asia there is more demand, more travels, more witty. Its takes up alot more energy and cutting into family time.


Today for a brief moment I thought about Europe. I missed crispy fresh smell of early morning.

Party of three

Next adventure, traveling through Asia with these two.

Singapore food

the street food is sublime.

Goodbye Europe

Every story must end, moving on to my next adventure. Spending a week vacation in Austria and Czech Republic for some sightseeing. Thanks for the lovely memories.

Parenting #52

During the day, its Daddy everything. During the night, Daddy go away, Daddy sleep on the couch.

Dutch #15

A simple Dutch wedding is very small and casual. Wishing you both all the happiness.


It didn't came across my mind until today, its most likely this country is making my missus depressed and its beginning to effect our relationship.


Its snowing on the Saturday morning, reminds you that the world is a beautiful place.


Asia is our next adventure destination.

Thanks Joe

Custom dotwork, black and geometry. Tattoo is visual story telling about ones past. It start with good artwork and ends with a lesson. Circle. In the 1970's, a turn in political event in Vietnam violently exile our family to a new country. Triangle. In 2012, fatherhood changed me a better man. Like sand and water, I am a link between my anUTCors and the new generation that follows. Diamond. In 2015, take the family on adventure through Europe. Discovering that being rich is having moments that money can't buy. A starry night. To be continue..


We all have to die some day.

Parenting #52

A daughter needs a dad to be the standard against which she will judge all men.

Each others

We can do anything, what we need are each others. Every sunset looks better with you.

Dutch #14

These cluster of cottages are private garden of the working class. People who lives in appartment don't have space would rent or buy these small properties for weekend.

Dutch #13

The wealthest Dutch and Dutches lives on farm land.

Turn left

Two roads in the yellow wood, I took the left road to a tropical weather. The travel adventure continues.

Parenting #50

Spending NYE in Amsterdam has been the best choice. Like lighting your own fireworks show is priceless.


Collect memories not things. But things that gets better with age is worth collecting.

Parenting #50

Her playfulness brings warmth to both our hearts.

Dutch #11

Grey sky, Winter is coming.

Dutch #11

They are tall and beautiful people. Girls are fiercely independent.

Dutch #10

A city below sea water level.

Making jelly

Ella first time in the kitchen, making jelly.

Beyond Tomorrow #1

A collection of notes about things that we can do today for the next generation. No one should go hungry and having to steal food.

Middle class

Stuck in middle class is the worst in a capitalist system, you paid the highest tax, everything you purchase has further taxes, peak hours public transportion is higher. The government will squeeze every cents the middle class earn.


A wise man said, trust a man likes drinking because he will never drink a lone. Men who likes smoking, womanising and gambling will want to enjoy it all by them selves.

Dutch #8

I enjoy the feeling in a nice cosy place after the morning frost walk.

Dutch #7

The traditional Dutch don't flash their wealth in public. They lived a conservative life behind closed door, they are also less charitable. You can tell alot about a person based on their home content.

Dutch #6

Everyday I increasingly have affections towards this Amsterdam, mostly about the atmosphere and the coffeeshops.

Dutch #5

Cats and dogs are well loved.

Dutch #4

Bakfiet means cargo bike. They are practical utility bicycles to carry anything from plants to childrens.

Dutch #3

Dutch love fried snacks.

Parenting #49

I believe a study desk overlooking the window will make you more creative. I also let you choose to write with left or right hand.


Traveled to Brussels Tattoo Convention only to be disappointed. I sent Matteo N my concepts many weeks ahead, he didn't sketch them ready in time for the convention. I want my own artwork, and the artist style. You don't rush these sort of things. Next time. --

Dutch #2

Autumn paint the landscape with golden fallen leafs. --

Parenting #48

I missed my little possum, I haven't tickle her in almost three months. --


I like picking on the bone because meat near the bone taste best. My favourite is the head. --

Dutch #1

All the cycling makes resulted in more than 90% of the population slim. --


Mentoring subtly: ask what is their PLAN in life rather than what job they want. Successful life is by planning, not by finding a secured job. Sometimes this means you have to walk the road less taken. --

Rain rain

The rainy season has arrived in The Netherlands. Its beautiful at night but depressing by day. --

Getting old

Looking forward to getting old and skin full of ink. --


Learn the rules, so you know when to break them. --


This country is flat and agricultural fields that stretched to infinity. --

Young Capital

Interesting business idea to provide job placement for new graduates. Low cost and they are quick learner. --


The camera on the iPhone isn't too bad, more manual control features. Will use this tool capture everyday life regularly.

Love hate

Living in Netherlands for over a year I came to love the landscape, but I hate the weather.


There are moments when we look outside and see so much about ourselves. --


Bobby came into my dream last night. He came home and I gave him a bath. Such an ugly dog, I miss the little guy. Every need to grow up with pets, it you appreciate and enjoy the simple life.


It was a privilege to be a practical supervisor for the MBA thesis. Good work Onder G. --

Man of few words

I'm a man of few words. We made many sacrifices, its my priority to keep everyone healthy and happy. --

Film photography

Tried my hand on DIY analog film without success. --

Goldfish bowl

Majority of us live in a goldfish bowl. School for 12 years. University for 4 years. Then work 9 till 5 till you die. And if you die poor thats your fault, because there were plenty of opportunities during your life time to learn from mistakes. --

Where is the love?

No calls for several days now and I didn't missed them as much as I should. Perhaps love has faded along the way? Perhaps I have a change of heart? Perhaps we are going through the mid life crisis phase? --


I like old stuff, better than the new stuff. Got this worn out baby for EUR 20, throw in an additional EUR 30 to change the tyres.

Its a beautiful world

Its a beautiful world, now how can we make it better than when we found it. I like Mark Zuckerberg's philosophy. One present action must be valued more than his past mistakes. --


I'm ambitious to make lots of money... so I can change the important issues. I can give all the elderly people in Vietnam a retirement housing, so they don't have to wandering the street. I want to give free education to the kids, just like others has done for me. --

Apple iOS app

Created my first Apple iOS app, looking forward to learning and improving in this exciting area. Many thanks to Brian Voong tutorials on YouTube. --

Bachelor lifestyle

Enjoying bachelor the life in Amsterdam. --

Kangaroo Valley

I put on my head phone but I'm not listening to music. I prefers the sound of silence to hear myself think. --

Hyams Beach

The world is not as pure as you see them on pictures. Sometimes our actions have unknown future consequences. One thing certain is we don't destroy what took more than a decade to build.

Just you and me buddy

The missus and Ella is still in Sydney enjoying their extra long vacation. Bought three siamese fighting fish over, but only one survived the journey. --

Parenting #47

Teaching them bout risks and managed risks. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

Old man by the sea

Family holidaying at Vincentia. I met this old man by the sea, he's down size his family home next door. His kids has grown up now he lived by himself by the sea. The grandkids often visits to ride bicycles, canoe and playground. As a child we loved the sounds of the ocean, as a old man we obsess with return to origin.


Visiting home after 11 months abroad. Home sweet home, where the air smell fresh and the food is delicious.


I don't own many material things because everybody dies, everybody need just 1 square meter of space for the grave. I go to great length to search for the right thing and the exact style. I don't follow trends or brands. The Jorg Gray timepiece is the same one as worn by President Barrack Obama.

Parenting #46

Daughter: Ba, Ella lon roi, Ella ngu moi minh. (Daddy, Ella sleep alone, Ella is older now).Dad: Ba ngu dau? (Where will Dad sleeps?)Daughter: Ngu voi Me. (Sleeps with Mum.)

Global citizen

My frequent travel and upbringing of Ella will make her a global citizen. There is a high probability that she will grow up and travel extensively. One rule is clear, she must travel with a companion, whether its boyfriend or girlfriend.

Happiness is

Happiness is when the people important to you are happy. I want both of our parents to travel to Europe next year, all paid for. Enjoy travel while they still have good health.

EuroPride 2016

The Dutch's liberal view on cannabis has open doors to:Hosting the best party events.Best dance festival.Third most visited city in Europe.Closure of prisons because of lack of crime.


Success is a state of mind.

Mindset is a threat

National security threat, its an excuse to lockdown. Control the transport system and you control the population.


I'm still passionate about tattoo. My old school boy Quang Sta is still the best in Cabramatta.


One day I will start binding a hardcover book collection from these weblog pages.

Parenting #45

Wear your smile everywhere, it is both beautiful and sweet.


A father create magic.


The burden of in law can sometimes be an obstacle. Trust takes a long time to gain. I have one circle, my family and everybody else is outside.

By the sea

You arrived at the end your journey just to find where you started. Will I be the old man who lived by the sea?

What are we now?

We argue often now, over the small things.


At the core of startup mission is 'sell the problem you solve, not a product.'

Dinning out with a 4 year old

Dad: Where are we? Daughter: At dining Dad: Then be polite and eat ...after dining Dad: Good, OK go play and be careful not to run into people Daughter: OK

Past, present and future

What everyone see is my past, what I'm doing now nobody knows, and what I'm going to do nobody will believe.


Knowledge is measured in kilometres, not how books you have read. Books are well arrangement of words by the one person [the author] point of view.


Don't look up for the lifestyle that is beyond your reach, look down to appreciate how successful you have became. Be contempt.

Parenting #44

Be a good kid and treats other people with lots of respect.

Giethoorn Village, Netherlands

Silence and water is the sweetest sound.

Individual vs social

Finding identity in a social world. We say we want to be an individual, yet our social habits is to follow everybody so we can be accepted. We wear the same fashion, we live in the same housing, we buy the same goods and we eat the same food.

Rule of three

If you see something wrong, change it. After three tries and you still can't change it. Leave it.

Personally meaningful moments

I came across Eric Kim's blog on personal photography. A well written and insightful piece, follow these guidelines.


I haven't drove a car in 10 months. Living outside of Australia make me realised that Australian ways of life are heavily influenced by American culture, food, driving and trend. Our law and social structure on the other hand are identical to Canada.

Parenting #43

Society popularised people at the peak of their success but never try to discover their journey success. We should teach our children how to fail reminds us to have a firm goal and learn from mistakes on your journey to get there.

Career bio

Constantly keeping career bio relevant. As I because more professional I became, simplicity became important.

Venice, Italy

All the Venetian are long gone, all that remains are tourists. This is place is really heaven on Earth, I would revisit Venice again in the future.Tips for traveling to Venice are:Bring a map or GPS and get lost in the street and canals.Good food, our favourite place is Ristoteca Oniga.A EUR 30 for 2-days tickets allow you to travel on all water buses, it’s a great way to see all of Venice and it’s islands.

Pisa, Italy

Leaning tower of Pisa, not an architecture marvel but an act of God. It is quite boring.

Florence, Italy

The street are narrow and romantic people comes out to enjoy meals in the evening. Tips for traveling to Florence are:Walk, walk and more walk. Everything is within walking distant.Tiny buses fare is cheap, only EUR 3 per adults for a 90mins ride. Children heights lower than 1 meter is free.

Vatican City

Recognised as the smallest country in the world, the heart of Roman Catholic Church. This place house both good and evil. I’m not much of a religious person, the potential girls in my bachelor years wants to convert me.

Rome, Italy

The city is overcrowded with tourists and immigrants. Tips for traveling to Rome are:Travel lite and don’t act like an American tourist, you’ll be mugged.If you’re going to be there for a few days by the Metro day ticket, €7 per adults, children under 11 year old are free on all metro, bus and train public transports.Don’t bother buying bus fare, just hope on, no one every checks in the city packed with tourists.It’s an open air archeological city, be prepare to do lots of walking.

Parenting #42

Every loving parent see their child as amongst the stars.


Traveling alone help discover oneself.


Retirement Plan B is to be a Venetian water taxi driver. Lived out my days in the sun, by the ocean and great food.

Love you long time

The secret of long lasting relationship is trial and error. Trial is taking a solo adventure together, like back packing or travel together to outside of your comfort zone. It teaches you to be patient, be careful and be polite. Error is journey together through the happy, sad and quite times.

Parenting #41

To tell you the truth, nobody know the right answer. As parents we all trying to figure it out.


Our flaws is what makes us human.

Women and wealth

This view from his million dollar home, he has many wives. Yet he is still far from being happy. He is in a pursue of perpetual change.

Parenting #40

A father's responsibility is to set the path for you, but it is up to you choose to walk or depart from it. It is the architecture of who are.


It was brief but full of little memories. See you again.

Parenting #39

Taught balance and rotary skills. Now she's riding bicycle without training wheels.

Parenting #38

We sends Ella to local school for the purpose of making friends and socialising. After school she is teaching us Dutch and sang Dutch kinder songs. This is her Group 1 (kindergarten) teachers and class mates.


I want both my parents and in laws enjoy their retirement years, travel far and enjoy while in good health. My Dad is exceptionally benevolent person.

When Heaven and Earth Changed Places

The movie was awkward because the spoken language is in English. Some parts should be in Vietnamese with subtitles for greater authenticity. There are many memorial quotes, right is only the goodness you carry in your heart... wrong is all that between you and the love.

Parenting #37

A person is made by the environment you lived in and the people you influenced by. In many ways bringing up a daughter is like molding her into the pretty girl that I admired during the bachelor years. Pretty is making her own hair, decorate it with objects, fashion her style and read books like a nerd. And when you are in your teen, I will connect you to these types to be mentored and inspired.

To the future me

Cheers to the future me; I drink half now and save the half full bottle for later. When I'm old and wiser, these bottle collections are the traces of travel adventure.

Amazing city

I haven't had a stressful day in 8 months.

Jupiter six

He who is not courage enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life - Mohammed Ali


Everything because of her, for her and about her.

Pivotal career

At the pivotal of my career, I do very little work and everything to do with decision making. Decision with commercial, talent and strategic competitive direction.

Small package

Happiness came in small package. I'm using this made in Germany rare original mechanic to capture negative space theme.


The Grand Canyon, Arizona is indeed one of nature's marvel. Traveling alone give me an opportunity to think about thinking. What kind of legacy should I leave behind? I want to be that father or that uncle who provides the funding on your business idea. Empowering the next generation to be evermore successful.

The Girl and the Magic Paint Brush

Things she paint comes to life, the sky is blue because she painted it so.

Rite of passage

Amsterdam always have the smell of cannabis in the air. The best time to be in Netherlands is New Year Eve when random firecrackers exploded in every direction. King's Day (27 April) is spectacularly spontaneous involved lots of beer, bar hopping and dancing with strangers on the street. You won't remember much of what happen the next day. I will send my daughter here for a year as the rite of passage.

Parenting #36

Happy birthday princess, you are four year old today.

Less is more

We are happier when we focus less on buying stuffs we don't need and more on the things that really matters.

Property investment rule

I'm not a big fan of investors, I think they are just a bunch of greedy liars, they had mastered the art of making money from fancy words. The truth is there is no shortcut to any place worth going. I paid off the principle home mortgage first then travel the world. Once I return in 3-5 years I will decides whether I want to grow the property portfolio or living a semi-retired lifestyle at 40s.

Parenting #35

Courage. Success in life is about managing risks, don't remove every obstacle from their path.

Return ticket

We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.


Gift to the amazing lady in my life.

Parenting #34

First day at Dutch school. Report from her teacher says she'd good social skills but often not willing to share toys. The result of no sibling rivalry.

Taste better

Life tastes better when you discover freedom.


A reason for being.

Time together

The greatest gift to someone is time together. Because they are an important part of your life.

Smart devices

Creating an entire generation of information addicts.

Postcards from the future

Photo included in each weblog entry is postcard from the future. Nobody know the story behind the image except you.

Dutch real estate

Property value are measured by north facing. The more sunlight the higher the value of the property.


I'd learned something important today from the #followmeto creator - focus on building high quality product, then people will come.


Come on woman, give me a break. I'm carrying an entire IT function on my shoulder and all you care about is petty cash.

Hello world

My philosophy for photography is about tracing personal experience. Its a visual autobiography intended for my future self. In the next 3 to 5 years, I'm going to travel the world for work, some people assume it was just lucky. The reality is, its hardwork and setting clear goals. 'Luck' will turn into opportunity and will be within reach. The choice is ours to seize the day. Should I invest into Leica gears or more travel? My medium term goal say its the latter. I will take my Fujifilm X100S with me through this journey.


Travel open new perspectives. Connect and share stories with people you meet.

24 hours

We don't buy things with money. We buy them with hours from our lives.

Disneyland, California

I was a sceptic at Disney at first. What Walt Disney has created is indeed magical.

Hollywood, Los Angeles

Keanu Reeves have my respect.

Jacksonville, Florida

Missed the space shuttle launch.

Houston, Texas

Steak are very good.

Las Vegas, Nevada

The city comes alive at night.


A whole week in Las Vegas, not spent a cent on gambling, caught chicken pox from Ella.


Leave nothing but footprints. Take nothing but photographs. Kill nothing but time. I'm taking timeout to enjoy the frozen canal.

Parenting #33

Appreciate life as it happens. Moments will soon pass and you wish you had treasured them more.


Its a reminder that human are fragile. Ella has been vaccinated, the symptom is only mild.


Wealthy people dress in plain clothes to demonstrate superiority.

Sustainable ideas

Success = market share. So what makes a startup idea successful? You tackle real world problems; creating future products and services that replace today, release it to the general population for free. Before email, there was snailmail. Before YouTube, there was TV. Before WhatsApp there was telegram. Before Facebook there was school reunion/family photo mail/evening phone calls with your mates. And finally concentrate all users through a single channel.

Solving real world problems

I don't denied children growing up from computers, I believe it is the essential productivity tool moving forward. Smart phone is for notification, tablet is for entertainment and laptop are for creating products. Teach children to create rather than consume. Lived by the four principles of learn for yourself, teach to others, create product together and share product to everyone.

No reason

When people are genuinely homeless I give generously, without reason, often everything I got in my pocket.

Power is addictive

I'm at risk at enjoying this director role, on the other hand running my own company I can be creative and more financial gains.

Pleasantly surprised

I was pleasantly surprised see the fist snow has arrived for Dutch Winter.

Parenting #32

Run free and managing risks are the next stage of development.

Birth, illness and death

Death of celebrities often go viral on the Internet. The fact is everybody dies in the end. Birth, illness and death are certain in life.

Grand ideas

I got plenty of grand ideas, like most people of my generation, I'm not patient enough to take it from concept into execution. Most of the roadblocks seemed to be tumbled on product which someone already had developed.

Look alike

It's like looking into a mirror.


Life's adventure is about doing things you have passion for, rather than watching what others are doing or just doing it because it is popular.

Street cafe

French music and black cafe makes Paris memorable.

NYE 2016

Goodbye 2015, hello 2016. 2015 was full of joy and memories. I have big plans in 2016 for travel, directorship and parenting. Time has a wonderful way to show us what really matters.

Holiday season

This holiday season surrounded by friends and loved ones, a time reflect on all the meaningful things in your life.

In the bottle

Renewed my interests in capturing places I have traveled into liquor bottle. So when I'm old these empty bottles will be hold priceless memories.


It'd been almost three months away from home, the girls are homesick, I understand. I'm contempted with life at the moment and seeking for the next level of discovery and adventure. But the missus constant wanting luxury and more is pulling me back into the rat race.

Each morning

Apart from the cold and high taxes, Netherlands is actually have good work-life balance. However, life in Australia is still better.

Christmas market in Haarlem

Christmas traditions in Europe.

Parenting #31

Don't ever grow up.

White Christmas

In search of a white Christmas.

Ticket to travel the world

This is what my ticket to travel the world look like.


I'm happy with myself today, I've proven my director credentials in front of over 300 global IT staffs.


Vintage is the new cool, I'm tempted for a vintage medium film camera, but the cost and inconvenience of film processing is holding me back. I'm reminded that memories is the photography captured, the camera is just a tool.

Parenting #30

The best things in life are the people you love, the places you've seen, and the memories you've made along the way.


People of the past build grand monument that become a timeless reminder of civilization. What we build today with technology won't last for a decade until the next wave of technology arrive.

De facto relationship

There are many Dutch colleagues who have kids and still living in a de facto relationship. It seemed marriage not a key ingredient for a healthy relationship.

Entire city on water

Everywhere you look there's water. It seemed the people are also flow like water too, everything is orderly and methodically. Most people see the glass as half empty.

Crossing path

Always good to catching up with a friend I haven't seen in many years. She said, 'I love beer and beer loves me.'

Parenting #29

Having children means cleaning up after a party you never attended.

Parenting #28

Finding friends.


Being the youngest amongst the director level, responsible for strategic IT function, driving the company into the future, increase revenue from $8 billions to double digits. This is going to give me a few grey hair.


Sometimes, I need to walk alone. I'm not sad. I'm not angry. I'm just recharging my batteries.

Rain by night

It rains often here and there is something really special about rain, particularly at night. It fascinates me.

Parenting #27

You are not rich until you have something money can't buy...


The Dutch uses hydronic system to keep home heating constant.

Live like a local

This is how I spent quality time after work.

Dutch resident

Officially Dutch resident.

Parenting #26

Traveling the world is tough on the little one. She has less friends, loss weight, fewer favourite food.

Guidelines on travel

My guidelines on travel is do as the local do. Therefore you must lived in the country for at least 3-months to appreciate the local culture. Otherwise, you're just another tourist.

Gracht (city-canal) lifestyle

This is the Dutch lifestyle.

By Night

Inspired by Brassai and Vincent van Gogh for their night masterpieces. I started a photography project of my own, main theme is capturing the atmosphere after the rain by night.

Five senses

I'm going to miss the sight, sound, taste, smell and atmosphere of my hometown, Cabramatta.

Taking a stroll

Enjoying the quite stroll to the train station through my neighbourhood.


They say; birth certificates show you were born, death certificates show you died. Photographs show you really lived.

If what they say is true

Someone once said; the pinnacle of one's career begins at age 35. I decided to stop contracting for 1-3 years to take on a corporate career with a title of Director Enterprise Integration Architecture, as part of a $8 billion global empire.

Don't give up

We know how you feel, we've been there. Don't give up.

The System

I made the follow observation about the System in which we live in; its the fundamentals of economics that school don't teach. I'm continuously learning to mentor children of the next generation. Teaching Ella that Money is equal to Debt and Value is created from Productivity. I hope that one day she takes an interest in reading my diaries.

Parenting #25

Do as you wish. Be as you are.

Butterfly feeling

By instinct, I stopped in the middle of the road in peak hour traffic to help a woman with her car problem. It feels great to successfully help an anonymous person and not asking for anything in return.

Parenting #24

Teaching is the most exciting form of rewards.

Lao Tzu teachings

Like Confucius during his living lifetime considered himself as a failure. Lao Tzu also judged by many philosophers at his time as idle and do nothing. Teaching of both of these most two influencers are mostly written by his followers who credits to their master. There are some of their quotes: 'By letting it go it all gets done. The world is won by those who let it go. But when you try and try. The world is beyond the winning.' 'Therefore the Master acts without doing anything and teaches without saying anything. Things arise and she lets them come; things disappear and she lets them go. She has but doesn’t possess, acts but doesn’t expect. When her work is done, she forgets it. That is why it lasts forever.' 'He who clings to his work will create nothing that endures.' 'When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.' 'If you want to become whole, let yourself be partial. If you want to become straight, let yourself be crooked. If you want to become full, let yourself be empty. If you want to be reborn, let yourself die. If you want to be given everything, give everything up.' 'Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.' 'If you realise that all things change, there is nothing you will try to hold on to. If you are not afraid of dying, there is nothing you cannot achieve.' 'He who rushes ahead doesn’t go far.' 'He who tries to shine dims his own light.' 'He who defines himself can’t know who he really is.' 'He who has power over others can’t empower himself.' 'Give evil nothing to oppose and it will disappear by itself.' 'At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.' 'The soft overcomes the hard. The slow overcomes the fast.' 'In the world there is nothing more submissive and weak than water. Yet for attacking that which is hard and strong nothing can surpass it.' 'Do you have the patience to wait till your mud settles and the water is clear? Can you remain unmoving till the right action arises by itself?' 'If you want to shrink something, you must first allow it to expand. If you want to get rid of something, you must first allow it to flourish. If you want to take something, you must first allow it to be given. This is called the subtle perception of the way things are.' 'New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.' 'Care about people’s approval and you will be their prisoner.' 'All streams flow to the sea because it is lower than they are. Humility gives it its power.' 'The sage does not hoard. The more he helps others, the more he benefits himself, The more he gives to others, the more he gets himself. The Way of Heaven does one good but never does one harm. The Way of the sage is to act but not to compete.' 'The wicked leader is he who the people despise. The good leader is he who the people revere. The great leader is he who the people say, ‘We did it ourselves.' 'If you want to govern the people, you must place yourself below them. If you want to lead the people, you must learn how to follow them.' 'If you realize that you have enough, you are truly rich.' 'Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.' 'Without stirring abroad, One can know the whole world; Without looking out of the window one can see the way of heaven. The further one goes the less one knows.' 'Silence is a source of great strength.' 'Express yourself completely, then keep quiet. Be like the forces of nature: when it blows, there is only wind; when it rains, there is only rain; when the clouds pass, the sun shines through.' 'Health is the greatest possession. Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest friend. Non-being is the greatest joy.' 'When nothing is done, nothing is left undone.' 'What is a good man but a bad man’s teacher? What is a bad man but a good man’s job? If you don’t understand this, you will get lost, however intelligent you are. It is the great secret.' 'The wise man is one who, knows, what he does not know.' 'Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.' 'Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.' 'If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.' 'When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everybody will respect you.' 'Treat those who are good with goodness, and also treat those who are not good with goodness. Thus goodness is attained. Be honest to those who are honest, and be also honest to those who are not honest. Thus honesty is attained.'

Create moments

Life is about moments; don't wait for them, create them.


The events of past week make me realised that my professional skills is highly sort after. I'd rejected leads from North America and Netherlands, and pick up the work locally. Mostly because Australian still pays alot more. I still have ambition to work abroad for 1-2 years, but no more than 3.


She was intelligent, creative, girly-girl and much loved by many. The truth is, I didn't take it to the next level because I was scared of girl with hairy arms. Based on my observation; the attributes one inspired for their son/daughter to become are based on past love experience. It was meaningless when you first experience it, in your teens, then it became your moral compass as an adult.

Addicted to risk

What would life be without a challenge.

Parenting #23

Teaching her to eat spicy food like a real Asian. Drawings to express emotion and creativity.

The States or The Netherlands

Two opportunities awaits, none met all of my criteria. Comparing rates, Australia is second highest net take-home paid amongst all the Developed countries. Economy is small, but lifestyle is great here. Hard to turn back from Australia.

Farewell friends of Asciano

'Two roads diverged in the yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler.' - Robert Frost

You are what you eat

The first food you taste when arrived to a country will be your favourite. This is my first taste after 2-days voyager at sea on the refugee boat.

Parenting #22

The kind of haircut I want for Ella.

Going abroad

At the end of this customer project I'm planning to travel abroad for work and travel. While launching my startup project worldwide at the same time.


Giving to charities:UNHCR's Nepal Earthquake, $600.Vietnam Foundation's recycled bicycles, $500.

Market worth

I don't know how my home is worth but already the property two doors down was sold for $1.6Mil


Living room is the meeting point with guests. Not every guest will notices the details, for those who inquire about the painting in the center piece I would ask them a question - Which character from this painting you caused the first impression? Their response will reveal their inner personality. In Ella's view, she points to the girl just arrived in the city.

Cloud Atlas

Add this film to my favourite. 'Our lives are not our own. We are bound to others, past and present, and by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.' - David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas


I felt a sensation when I heard the news, not sure if I should feel happy, worried or clarify move forward.

Parenting #21

At this age they will learn truth and lies. Viewing self as a whole person involving body, mind and feelings. Perhaps realising a bit of spiritual and fantasy even.

1000 Steps

They say it takes 1000 steps to reach happiness.


Weekend trip to Berrima NSW to discover country senses.

Old photograph

Met an old friend on my way home today. We talked about memories of highschool years and my highschool sweetheart.

Parenting #20

Curiosity is just as important as intelligence.

Haunted pathway

These beautiful gumtree line is my pathway to the office every morning. There is still blood stain on the concrete because a life has been loss recently. Now and forever it has become a haunted pathway. I dislike the fact that news reporters are every where with their lighting and camera equipments covering the story for the mainstream media. Worst of all are the readers who loves to subscribe to tragic news locally and abroad.


I'm playing games with somebody's wife. There is no chemistry, but I'm pretty sure about the body language.

Sharing prosperity with others

Lately I have focus on my own goals. Haven't share with those in needs, like charity and community projects. I find these unbalance in my principle most concerning. Too much selfish make a person greedy.

Old school

Old school erotic fun.

Year of the Goat

Happy wife, happy life. This year both of us are on the zodiac age. It's a common believes that it's the year where unexpected things will occur. If we can weather this storm, the rest will be sunshine.

23 Bell

It's a start of an interesting project. Update: Project has failed even before launch.

Parenting #19

At the age of 2.5-year-old she’s discovering the world, as she smiling, bouncing and spinning in her pink frilly skirt sing You Are My Sunshine lullaby. I sat watching and figuring out my actions that will have an impact on her for the years to come.Confide in me if someone hurt you.Laugh, smile and talk often.I’ll teach you a love of art, science, nature and animals.We all get hurt by love.What others think is not important. How you feel about yourself is all what matters.Cause and effect; treat others how you wanted to be treated.The best way to learn to play, solve problems and discover it for yourself.There are more good people than bad people in the world. Time and environment changes people.Praise in public, reprehend in private.


Life is like a series of short music clips; this song from Trevor Dickson echo the moments.

Bird song

Two little birdy quietly sitting on the tree.

Movember 2014

It's this time of year again. The entire month listening to Rage Against the Machine on repeat.


Long walks to think over things.


And then it got complicated.

Set sail

Daily life has been routine, I need to revisit my adventure plans for a gap year. I'm going to miss the little one dearly.

So then

What if there is a third person.

Private jokes

You found your soulmate when there are plenty of private jokes that only the two of us understand.

What if

What if.

What if

What if.

Forever young

If you want to stay young, you have to work to keep trying new things. The Best Leaders Are Insatiable Learners by Bill Taylor of HBRPersonal Renewal by John Gardner

Parenting #18

Look Spring is here, hello!

Parenting #17

Play is the highest form of research. - Albert Einstein

Parenting #16

I firmly believe that pen and paper will becomes obsolete in Generation Y.

We were kids once

I feel nostalgic today. I feel a privilege living here. My greatest childhood memories are with my friends during my years as a Vietnamese boat refugee. I don't know where they are today and if they are still alive or dead. 'Khoa (not in picture) and his mum had gone to the USA. Cuong and his family has gone back to Vietnam.' That is my only information I remember about them. I will try searching for them again. Starting from the UNHCR Archives. The last and only photo I have is on the day I depart the camp on November 27, 1991.

Capital gain tax calculation

My favourite homeloan broker explains capital gain tax calculation to me in this way. If you buy a home today for $500,000 and sell it for $700,000 in 5 years from now. Then 50% of $200,000 is subjected to capital gain tax, which is $100,000. If your income in 2019 is $50,000 p.a., then you will be taxed based on $150,000 as taxable income. So you're looking roughly at paying 35% to the taxman.


Blueprint for the multi million dollar business transformation project for the next 5-years.

Corporate life

4 minutes to appreciate the view from McMahons Point before the next wave of meetings.

Ngoc Trinh

Vietnamese women, they look good with clothes and even better without.


Note to self: Avoid distractions by following too many opportunities. Stay focus on your passion, set the trend, drive the demand and demonstrate charisma. If you are good at something don't do it for free.

Goal met, time to set the next goal

Standing by the principles of paying off mortgage on your own home is working out well. A place just five doors down the street just got sold for $1.1M at auction. It's time to set the next goal. I'm a business man, not a property investor. However, the missus is keen for a second house at McMahons Point, I worked there for over a year, its a retirement plan lifestyle and convenience for Ella to go to school or university in the future. It is always a challenge trying to find the balance between life's journey: collect moments, not things. Because things you own end up owning you.

Parenting #15

You can't stop her. The truth is you won't always be around to protect her! She's going to get out there in the world! So you can only prepare her.

Parenting #14

Teaching domestic work, start them young.

Good at something

If you are good at something, never do it for free.

You should

If it scares you and excites you at the same time, it probably means you should do it.

Hierarchy of needs

Satisfying your needs means you are happier? Courtesy of Maslow.

Old habits

Give her a slap on every time she walk pass me. Women enjoy being slap.

Who we are

Who we are is the sum of all our experiences.

Parenting #12

To a child, the world is beautiful and magical place.

In life

Work hard and be mindful. One day you will understand.

Parenting #13

More than you ever know.

Keep smiling

Follow your heart and keep smiling.

Gap year plan

Today is the day I start planning for my gap year. It's not a midlife crisis, but a goal which I have set for myself when several years back. To be a good father and paying off the mortgage. I've always believed the world is a beautiful place and one must experience it as an adventurer, not a traveller or a tourist. Destination Antarctic and travelling the silk road.

Parenting #9

After retiring from IT, I'll open a bar by the beach.

Parenting #10

She bring colours and laughter to our lives.

Parenting #11

Teaching her self confidence and believing the world is a beautiful place.

From the inside looking out

It started with taking photo looking through my specs. This new collection is about #insideout.

Fuji X100S

This camera sparked a big fight with the missus, but it was worth it.

Parenting #7

95% of my devotion is towards the little one. The rest for myself, there's no room for the wife.

Boxes and arrows

Boxes and arrows of a day in a life.

Parenting #8

I'm teaching her to be beautiful, intelligent, creative and girly-girl. Because the world needs more of these characters.

Parenting #6

Sunday is Daddy Little Girl Day.


My weekly commute to Canberra. Driving makes me feel young again.


Creativity requires greater personal space, more quite time with myself.


It's a good time to be in mobility solutions; more than 1 billion new devices are connecting online every year.

Black t-shirt

I've been wearing black t-shirt for the most part. There is very excitement in my life lately.

Year of the Horse

Most folks spend the whole life looking for something, few content with what they have.

Parenting #5

Hold my hand, Daddy, it's my first day.


Every woman have envy, jealousy and rivalry. Every man need to counter balance this with principles, values and control.

Personal space

I take pleasure in the sound of silence; reading arts books or just simply listening to classical music.

Blogging from anywhere

I'd finally got around to re-program my weblog engine to accept post directly from my mobile. Now I can put updates more frequently.

The grass ain't always greener on the other side

The thought of a 2-months business trip all paid for to South Korea sounds fun. But knowing the Asian work culture, it won't be a pleasant trip.So I'm staying put to focus on paying off the mortgage. This ongoing escalation in the South China sea is going to cause a regional war in which Australia will have a direct strategic interests.

Welcome to 2013

No pain, no gain; nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Who bloody stole my Osakazuki maple?

Woke up on Saturday and found the Osakazuki maple tree in my front yard has been stolen. Going to get even with whoever did this. The maple tree has symbolic personal meaning to me.

The Good Earth

Thoroughly enjoy reading The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck. Will add this to my library so my kids can read the books that their father read.

House warming BBQ

Throwing a house warming BQQ 12-months after we've moved in. Better late than never. Thank you to everyone who came.

Parenting #4

Little Ella had her first common fever in the last two days. I'm no parenting expert but here is advise from a good-friend former midwife. Essential equipments Always have a baby thermometer in a bag along with other equipments. We used the ear piece version. Common Symptom Body warmer than 38 degrees Baby is tired and less active Common Caused Cutting new toothCommon fever Common Remedy Strip to minimum clothing to let the body heat escape Check temperature every hour; measure our own temperture and that should be baby's normal temperature. At 38 degrees no action required, their body is immune system is working at this temperature to fight off the virus. At 38.5 degrees; or more pat body with cool towel or dip in room-temperature bath to cool the body down. At 38.5 degrees or more give baby Panadol or Nurofen Severe Symptom Continuous coughingBreathing difficultyDiarrheaShiveringLips turning purple Common Remedy Take baby to hospital emergency for priority checkup

Global footprint

I'm very excited that two of my start-up venture turns out good. Turnover of $700,000 in the first year of operation.

Tough Mudder Sydney

Bloody good Sunday! Proud to add Tough Mudder 2012 trophy to my list. I was surprised to finished the hardcore 18-20 km obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie. Checkout the aftermath coverage: 20km, fire, and 10,000 volts. Why? - News Limited Tough Mudder participants comments - Obstacle Racers25,000 Tough Mudders test their limits - Australian Geographic

New member

Brother's wedding with Rimmy.

Parenting #3

My first Father's Day present is a nappy change. As I found out, life is complicated and sometimes you have to make firm decisions, so I wanted to tattoo the kids with good principles to navigate life. I promise I won't be as strict as Eagle Dad. This will be Ella's curriculum for her first year. 1 Month: Lifts head a little when lying on stomach Responds to sound Stares at faces Follows objects Makes sounds - oohs and ahhs Can see black-and-white patterns Holds head at a 45-degree angle 2 Months: Vocalizes more sounds - gurgling and cooing Holds head up briefly at a 45-degree angle Smiles and laughs in response to others smiling at them Movements become smoother Rolls onto side 3 Months: Holds head steady Recognizes your face and scent Vocalizes more sounds - squealing Able to push up with arms when lying on stomach Turns toward loud sounds Bears weight on legs Able to roll over Shows active arm and leg movement Able to track moving objects with their eyes 4 Months: Able to grasp toys Reaches out for objects Rolling over from front-to-back and back-to-front Imitates speech sounds 5 Months: Able to distinguish between bold colors Plays with hands and feet Turns toward new sounds Recognizes own name May cut first tooth Laughs out loud Likes to play 6 Months: Turns toward sounds and voices Blows bubbles Changes objects from hand-to-hand and from hand-to-mouth Sits with little support Begins to eat solid foods 7 to 9 Months: Sits without support and changes position Reaches for objects with a sweeping motion Imitates sounds (babbles) Begins to make word-like sounds Begins to lunge forward and crawl Stands or cruises while holding onto furniture Points at objects, bangs objects together and passes objects from hand-to-hand Picks things up via a thumb-finger pinching-type grasp 10 to 12 Months: Responds to their name Waves goodbye Pull themselves up into a standing position Crawls well, cruises and takes a few steps Understands the concept of 'no' Can nod their head to indicate 'yes' Uses gestures to indicate what they want or need Able to say 'daddy' and 'mama' Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/515625

A speck of truth

Live with principles. Share your goodwill. Know your responsibilities. Wisdom is experiences. Happiness is within.

Parenting #2

Fatherhood is a challenge, but I enjoy every moment of it. Been catching up on my reading to extend my library, knowledge and purpose: Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World by Jack Weatherford Marco Polo: From Venice to Xanadu by Laurence Bergreen Great Minds of the Eastern Intellectual Tradition by Grant Hardy Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Sister's engagement

Same day edit of Sister's engagement lunch.

Parenting #1

A short video when Ella at 15 days.

She is identical to me in every way

Like paper photocopy, she is identical to me in every way. If the Korean's myth is right, these hands tell me she is going to have a brother sibling.

Ella Nguyen

Welcome little Ella Nguyen to our family at 8:59pm 27th April. She's the 29799th Nguyen's in Australia and took 12.5hrs to push her out! Now the lyric of Better Man by Robbie Williams add a deeper meaning.

Leader of men

Many of my characteristic are in the leadership column:The boss drives group members; the leader coaches them. The boss depends upon authority; the leader on good will. The boss inspires fear; the leader inspires enthusiasm. The boss says 'I'; the leader says 'we.' The boss assigns the task, the leader sets the pace. The boss says, 'Get there on time'; the leader gets there ahead of time. The boss fixes the blame for the breakdown; the leader fixes the breakdown. The boss knows how it is done; the leader shows how. The boss makes work a drudgery; the leader makes it a game. The boss says, 'Go'; the leader says, 'Let's go.Posted on: Wed, 04 Apr 2012 20:42:05 +1000

March wisdom

Albert Einstein once said - Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.

Concept landscape

Tattoo with the image of my all-time favourite film, Three Seasons (1999). Falling red leafs in autumn, I've create the original concept landscape with a touch of white pebbles to create the illusion of snow. The 'Osakazuki' will takes 10-15 years to mature - as beautiful as my daughter?

Start of a new chapter

Closing the chapter on a seven years experiment to keep a journal of my everyday life. Looking back at old entries with many nostalgic memories and hidden secrets. I summaries the entire 7 years project in one phrase - 'building on success and learning from mistakes'. So I've decided to use this phrase as the theme for the next project. I am stepping into the Year of the Dragon with the role of fatherhood. It will be exciting and rewarding to start a new tradition with a mix of Vietnamese values. I can teach them about roles, responsibilities, principles and practices about life as a carbon-based life-form.

Timeline App

Facebook's Timeline App is very well integrated and fun. But I still like my old Weblog, at least I'm in control of my data.