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Life as a carbon-based life form; a journey of building on success and learning from mistakes.

  • 05 Nov 2004

Another pay rise

Good news said Jian, my manager. I'm getting another pay rise for my role in the system recovery.

Sometimes I turn up to work early because I want to finishing off late projects. On Thursday morning we had our first power blackout, Viet and myself have 15 mins worth of power from the backup generator to shutting down the servers and mainframe system to avoid data corruption. In appreciation, the CEO giving both of us a pay rise.

  • 06 Nov 2004

Do it yourself

DIY, do it yourself changing the headlight bulbs, with a 1994 Suzuki Vitara softtop.

Checking the fuse box for any broken fuse. No? then it must be the light bulb. Pull off the wire harness from the back of the bulb. Remove the plastic locking ring by rotating it. It only needs to rotate a few degrees before it comes off. Pull off the rubber boot. It has a tab you can grab on to. There is a spring clip that holds the bulb. The clip only swings out of the way when it is released, the bulb will come right out.

Now that you've identified the bulb, buy a pair from the automotive shop for $50. Install the bulb in the reverse order.

  • 07 Nov 2004

2004 Pet and Animal Expo

Going to the office for a few hours.

Going home, stopping by the 2004 Pet and Animal Expo at Rosehill Gardens for lunch. Its a once a year event for local animal lovers to gather. Dr Harry Cooper of Harry's Practice were also present at the show. I was hoping to meet Katrina Warren, you're a hottie, let me worship you.. I must admit I have an addiction for short hair women, maybe 'cause I like that stay free look.

  • 09 Nov 2004

Being single #22

Poor Olivia, she almost cries when I drove her home, the National Marketing manager giving her a hard time again, he's an ass.

Giving little sister $50 for her weekly allowance.

Footnote: need to get a Desktop PC for sister birthday soon.

  • 10 Nov 2004

Miss you much

Recieving a parcel in my PO Box from Girl 4, my stuffs I forgot behind while I was down in Melbourne last weekend. The note have the smell of you, miss you much.

  • 11 Nov 2004

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day, three minutes' silence at eleven o'clock on the morning of November 11 in memory of the victims of the war and the declaration of peace.

Its rainning heavily after work, I couldnt turn up to Dragon Boat Team training.

  • 13 Nov 2004


Dear Hong Anh

I'm deeply sorry to hear of your mother pasting away. Receice my condolences. Let time heal all wounds, although we might still be left with a scar. But life is beautiful and good, I hope you'll be positive.

  • 13 Nov 2004

18th birthday present

Visiting my 4 legged friend and taking little sister out to Parramatta to shop for her birthday present.

She wanted some LG phone with camera on her end of year 12 and 18th birthday, but I got her a XDAII Pocket PC GSM Phone and Bluetooth Headset from Harris Technology instead. That should be enough for her to keep all her assignment schedules, contact details, make calls, take photos, use wireless MSN messenger, watch music clips, and wow the boys. She earns it. I want to mole her into the girl with class, I want to let her experiment with culture and the arts.

The other reason why I got her the PDA cause I can claims it fully back on tax return, so technically I got it for half price :)

  • 14 Nov 2004

Sculpture by the sea

Sunday training with the Dragon Boat Team, it was a cruising session.

Lunch at Miss Saigon in Balmain, visit sometimes, it belongs to a friend.

Buggy boarding and surfing at Bondi beach (Bondi is made famous for its sun bathing topless icon). While we're there checking out sculptures and installation arts on exhibits, Sculpture by the sea.

Getting tickets for Godspeed-Subzero rave at Sydney Superdome on the 27th.

  • 16 Nov 2004

Olivia's story

Olivia sharing story of her little sister from Jakarta, Indonesia. She'll be visiting Australia next month, its will be heaps good. Showing me photo of her sister, I couldnt see clear because I was driving, she's 18, 1st year uni student, doing photoshoot for commercials. Friendly.

But thats Olivia, shes always talkative. I never once put music or turn on the radio in my car, cause I enjoy her conversation every afternoon when I'm driving her home.

Footnote: Management function tomorow night. Finance department christmas party on Friday.

  • 18 Nov 2004

Sister's 18th

Sister's 18th birthday and her teenie friends. She's a big girl now, no more dropping her off at the library, its straight to the shopping mall from here.

  • 20 Nov 2004


Taking my 4 legged friend out for a walk through the neighbourhood. It's spring season, wild fruits are plentiful and they are screaming out eat me, eat me.

Hoang (cyberboi) came down from Canberra, staying over my place, he's buying a Holden Astra to drive his lady friend around. Coolant water in my car is getting dirty, it time to replace it.

Recieving ticket to Godspeed subzero rave in the mail. Venue; Sydney SuperDome, date; Sat 27 Nov 2004 9pm-7am.

  • 21 Nov 2004

Edge on Elizabeth

Sunday training then heading out for lunch at Vy boyfriend's cafe; EDGE ON ELIZABETH.

  • 23 Nov 2004

Fucked up

I have a fucked up day at the office, I'll have more days like these all through Christmas period. But at the end of the day Olivia's smiles cheered me up.

  • 24 Nov 2004


Playing a game of tennis at Fairfield City Leisure Centre after work.

  • 27 Nov 2004

Money tree

My little sister is a fan of pharmacy thought I give her a head start by looking for her a job in one of the local chemist store. I made afew calls, thanks to Mrs Carrol at David Yin Chemist, she offering first week work experience and then starting real work from there.

It's a good thing she start working, that means she wont have to bug me for weekly allowance money anymore.

I spotted a great business opportunity near my work area, they starts doing developments to transform the whole area into an industrial estate. Where there are industrial estates there are workers, and workers need food. Opening a cafe or a food franchise business here would be like growing a money tree! Will call up some friends see if they want in with this. None of us need to work at the business, franchising it and paid staffs to do the servicing.

  • 28 Nov 2004

Godspeed rave party 2004

It was OK, the DJs were average, but it was the drugs that provided most of the special effects. Courtesy of Alex, Benjamin and Jinn, highschool buddies.

I'm seeing all kind of colours and shit. Who's that bitch? Fuck this shit is freaking out.

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