half man half shark

half man half shark     

Life as a carbon-based life form; a journey of building on success and learning from mistakes.

  • 02 Oct 2004

Vietnamese Student Association

Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) of Sydney is organising a theme dinner THE GOOD, BAD and UGLY raising funds for charities.

A chance for me to see some long lost friends again. The supprise of the night is seeing Lillian again, last time we met she was studying Pharmacy in Brisbane. Now shes working as a pharmacist in Canberra. Shes doing really well.

And go the guy in the monkey suit.. lol

  • 03 Oct 2004

City of Sydney

Day out with friends to the City of Sydney. FIESTA live performances, featuring South American music group and Latin dance fever.

Here in Sydney, life is a festival.

Gathering more friends around to go Cabra-vale, to spend the night with live band, good friends and unlimited alcohol. Came home at 4AM.

Everyone been pressuring me to commit to a serious relationship. Lillian is nice, smart, funny and laugh at my bad jokes. She's adorable when after one drink her cheeks goes all red.. Girl 4 in Melbourne is also lovely, she gives me freedom to do what I want and also laugh at my bad jokes.. the problem is they both live too far away.

  • 04 Oct 2004

Birthday at the park

Visting Khoi and his little backyard garden.

Picking up Khoi to join Nhi's birthday at Chippin Norton park. I didnt know it was a birthday until I am there, so after the BBQ I drove out to Krispy Kreme in Liverpool to get some desert donuts.

Today's weather was nice, next time I'll drive my 4 legged friend here for afternoon walks.

  • 08 Oct 2004

Cabramatta Story

I helped an old Korean couple on the road with a flat tyre, they live in Castle Hill travelling here to visit relatives.

I'm looking forward to tonight play's opening night, I came to support Anh Khoa and the art community.

Cabramatta Story play gives us an important insight to Cabramatta, like Delivery Day and The Finished People Anh Khoa explores the secret life of afew ordianry locals living in Cabramatta. For someone like me who called Cabramatta home, I can relates to the characters, so real that it makes you laugh at their tragedy, proud that we're in the lucky country, and weep because the truth hurts.

The play open with a scene in a husband wife Pho restaurant (typical Vietnamese huh?) envy of their neighbours with big house and new cars. Leading to family dysfunctional. A flash back to the past we witness a girl and a gangster falling in love, like that of Romeo and Juliet, both were trapped in thier circumstances and denied the right to be together.

During the play real life interview footages were shown, one image still echo in my head when one of the interviewee, a muslin, describes how we like to be classified as individual rather than in a group or steoreotype - "Like an apple tree, there bound to be some bad ones. Pick away afew of those bad ones and you're left with a perfectly good basket of apples".

Towards the end all the characters discover their identity and found the key to their happiness. Understand that we are in the lucky country, for most of us life starts from suitcase, to becomes doctors, chef and even singing on Australian Idol.

So what have I learnt from all these? Too much chilli can kill you, and butter knife are great party tricks. I really enjoyed the play..

  • 09 Oct 2004

Being single #20

There's no place in the world like Sydney. Every weekend is crowded with Sydneysiders out and about Sydney enjoying all sort of festivities. Today's highlight, Sydney's Motor Show. My favourite is the Subaru Forester, its great for weekend drive away to the country side and plenty of room in the back seat..

After the show I found myself in the Royal Botanic Gardens having lunch and continue reading my book.

  • 10 Oct 2004

Vietnamese-Australian Dragon Boat

I'm a newbie to the Vietnamese-Australian Dragon Boat Team. I was invited to see the competition at Garigal National Park, Forestville. Its was heaps of fun, I'm considering joining them and turning up to training every Sunday. It will be a fun and healthy hobby.

After the competition we all head out to Mainly beach to chill out.

  • 11 Oct 2004


Going to Melbourne at the end of the month on work assignment.

  • 15 Oct 2004

Hanh's 22nd

Cuong gave me such short notice to come to Hanh's 22nd birthday, coming to the party straight after work didnt have time to get a present, I feel guilty.

A small memorable birthday at home comfort. Those girls are talkative, I couldnt get a word in.

  • 16 Oct 2004

Being single #21

Relaxing Saturday morning, didnt want to sleep in because its a great day outside. Driving my 4 legged friend to Chippin Norton Park to run and play in the sand.

Gave little sister $50 for her weekly allowance.

Had an early lunch, turning up the radio and servicing my car.

  • 17 Oct 2004

Sunday in the office

Spending most of Sunday morning in the office, finishing off on some projects. Missing out on Dragon Boat Team trainning today.

Dropped by the Morning Glory gift shop on the way home to get some gifts for a work collegue daughter 10th birthday - got for her a box of pencil case with accessories, and a box of crayon. The cheerful checkout girl goes "its a good choice, its better than getting toys for them, some people.." she's kinda cute, I wonder how old she is and if shes still single.. I asked for her name, she said some Korean name, hard to remember. Then I gave a big smile I say thank you and see you later.

  • 18 Oct 2004

My favourite bands

I watched the ARIA (Australian Record Industry Association) lastnight to see one of my favourite band win awards, JET. I'm love Australian bands, but I was sad to see how the Australian music industry is fast becoming carbon copies of the US - where good talents has been exploited.

I dont go to cinema - cause most movies I dont know what its all about; yet they still raved up with catchy commercials, covered by layers of cosmetic Pop culture media and its really making me sick.

I dont wear brand name clothes - cause it make me look like a 2 legged walking billboard.

I listens to:

  1. Rage Against The Machine
  2. Regurgitator
  3. Silver Chair
  4. Jet
  5. INXS
  6. U2
  7. Dusty Springfield
  8. Radiohead
  9. The Dandy Warhols
  10. BoA

  • 20 Oct 2004

Vietnamese mythology

It's been rainning continuously for 3 days, the rain reminds me of a Vietnamese mythology in my childhood, the story of SON TINH and THUY TINH.

Son Tinh was the spirit of the Mountain and Thuy Tinh the spirit of the Waters. The king, Hunh Vuong VI, had an extremely beautiful daughter, and he did not wish her to marry just any prince who came her way. He consulted with his court and hit upon the idea of sending out a proclamation far and wide to the effect that he was seeking a suitable party for his daughter. Princes came from far and wide but none was considered to be a good match for the king's beloved princess. Finally, one day there came at the same time two very handsome young noblemen asking for the princess' hand. Upon inquiry and examination, they turned out both to be equally distinguished, talented, and powerful. The king was in a quandary as to how to choose. Finally, he decided to send them both away, saying that whoever turned up the next day first with the proper wedding gifts would be given the princess in marriage.

The next day, Son Tinh, the Mountain spirit, at the break of dawn was already there with all the proper wedding gifts. He was-therefore given the hand of the princess. Barely had the proceedings been completed when Thuy Tinh, the Water spirit, turned up with his gifts. Having promised his daughter to Son Tinh, the king could not go back on his word. Being of a fiery disposition, Thuy Tinh could not accept his defeat. He sought to challenge Son Tinh to a contest to see who was the stronger and therefo re more deserving of the princess. But Son Tinh simply ignored him, strong in his conviction that right was on his side. Furious, Thuy Tinh called on the waters of the rivers and brooks to overflow their banks and flood the land. In no time the whole l and became a stormy and raging sea that rose day by day and hour by hour, ruining all the crops and ravaging the land.

But Son Tinh was imperturbable in his palace in the mountains; all he needed to do was to get his mountains to rise a little bit higher when the waters threatened to flood them. After several days and weeks of trying to overcome his rival by raising the waters, Thuy Tinh finally had to concede defeat and order the waters to withdraw. This happened at the end of the monsoon but Thuy Tinh was never fully reconciled to the loss of the beautiful princess. Every year he tries to reenact the battle and that was how monsoons came to Vietnam.

  • 21 Oct 2004

Dragon boat team training

We all have our bad days and good days. Today is one of those bad days.

I turned up for Thursday evening Dragon Boat Team training straight after work. Our training home ground is under the Anzac Bridge, it's takes away the stress and added lots of fun and laughter.

  • 23 Oct 2004


I found a new plastic friend today, someone discard him on the street so I bring him along to today's adventure.

Cosplay at Animania, those cosplay dressed up characters are cute. I spotted one girl dressing up as hmm.. whatsitname, she has short hair, she was stunning, wow (I hope shes not underage).

Anime fans are in a culture of their own. Happy 16th birthday to Helen.

  • 24 Oct 2004

Wet t-shirt

Hoang came down from Canberra and stayed at my place for the weekend, visiting his lady friend, he drove home this morning.

Dragon boat team training was tonnes of fun; splashing water and wet t-shirt were the highlights. I think I'll keep this hobby through to summer.

Couldnt join with the team to lunch. Going back to the office to finishing up some important schedule. Finished at 6pm.

  • 26 Oct 2004

Puppy love

Give sister $50 week allowance. Together with the allowance from the last few weeks she bought a puppy dog. This one like to crew on smelly socks.

Footnote: two current positions vacant at my company.

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals to join our dynamic team for a national transport company. The head office is located within a developing area in the western suburb of Sydney.


o Good understanding of database
o Experience in C/C++ and UNIX shell scripting
o Good verbal and written communication
o A team player
o Good problem solving skill
o Understand and experience with various SDLCs
o Able to work in odd-hours including weekends if required
o Must have own car

o Internet application development
o Open source development
o Microsoft enviroment development
o PC support
o VB.NET, C#, GTK/GTK++, Jave, PHP
o Unix/Linux administrations
o Windows administrations
o UML, Design Patterns, CORBA, Object-Oriented


o Good verbal and written skills
o Photoshop 7.0
o Mail merge
o Quark Xpress
o Illustrator
o Good Microsoft Office knowledge
o Must have own car

  • 28 Oct 2004


I absolutely love this film, ALL ABOUT LILY CHOU-CHOU (RIRII SHUSHU NO SUBETE), directed by Shunji Iwai, no doubt its the best drama movie I've seen this year. Every scene is rich with thoughts through words and poetic cinematography. Every character is unique and extraordinary living in a brutal reality.

People who knows me say I'm obsessive, abnormal, because I only listens to music from RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, since 1999. There's something about Rage music that calms me down, addictive and psychedelic almost.

  • 28 Oct 2004

Training commitment

Dragon Boat Team training, 17 degrees, winds at 27 knots, fresh to strong at times on the coast. Dangerous surf conditions. Despite the condition around 15 of us turned up, thats commitment. It was a fun, cold and enduring session.

No toilet here, everyone pee in the bushes. If peeing is an art I do it exceptionally well. However, we're still keep stricts rules on tossing, littering and keeping the enviroment clean.

  • 31 Oct 2004

Melbourne love

Travelling to Melbourne on work assignment with Finn (my little shark friend) and spending the weekend with dearest Girl 4.

Friday. Flying out early this morning, on a mission, finished by mid-afternoon. Visiting National Gallery of Victoria for Edvard Munch exhibition. Visiting Federation Square for James Gleeson exhibition, I got to see the painting THE PIONEER by Frederick McCubbin on display, one of my favourite artwork I studied back at school. Also on display is LIVING TOGETHER IS EASY, it was amazing. I want to live in Melbourne.

Saturday. Staying with Girl 4, didnt get to sleep much lastight. Eating Banh Cuon for breakfast, browsing oriential antique shops looking for furnitures and bedding. Going house hunting. Ice cream and relaxing at Williamstown bay. Spent the rest of the afternoon at the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens, it feels like Heaven here and Girl 4 is my angel. My angel is full of life, giggling, and skin soft as feather. I want to live in Melbourne.

Sunday. Didnt sleep much lastnight either. Going to the Queen Victoria Market. Flying home at noon. Leaving Melbourne with even a bigger piece of me behind.

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