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Life as a carbon-based life form; a journey of building on success and learning from mistakes.

  • 01 Feb 2005

Spaghetti dinner

Rocking up to training straight after work. Moderate to fresh, gusty north to northeast winds ahead of a westerly change in the evening, wind speed at 14 knots.

I'm craving for a home cook meal, little sister cooking up her spaghetti dinner delight.

  • 02 Feb 2005

Day off

Got a day off work, making up for those days where I had to come to the office in weekend.

Driving to the country side to visit Uncle and continue reading the book I left there from my last visit. I gave a thought about building a house here on Uncle's land, I could live here and rent out my existing place. It's so nice and peaceful here, far away from the smoked city, and traveling to work is just an extra 15 mins.

  • 03 Feb 2005


Visiting my old campus, Sydney University - submitting letter to further defer my studies. The buildings hasnt changed, I havent changed, I still like them Asian girls from the Arts Faculty with their short cut hair and colourful fashion.

Prepare my gears for this weekend out with the boys. I'm supplying the substances (home grown) courtesy from N. I reckon marijuana should be made legal, its all natural. Its gonna be a fun weekend, getting high and snorkelling. We are so gonna be shark bait.

  • 07 Feb 2005

The weekend @ Seal Rocks

A commodity trader, a mechanic engineer, a software engineer, an investment advisor and a pharmacist going camping, snorkelling, fishing, surfing and smoking pot. Awesome weekend!

  • 09 Feb 2005

Chuc Mung Nam Moi

Welcoming the year of the Rooster at Phuoc Hue Temple. I came to pick up a lucky charm for the new year. Meetup with old friends and new friends, came back to H's place for gambling and eating, 5 girls vs. 2 guys. Hot and humid day, everyone is stripping to their bare minimal.

  • 10 Feb 2005

Being single #23

Executive decision making time. Hoang Girl asking me to rent a place with her and afew friends, this will be a good time to sit down and work out my cashflows.

Once again accountability has overcome my desires, I dont want negative cashflow of $160 monthly.

Should I move out and rent my existing place? factors to consider: living with a bunch of girls bound to have lesbian actions. Also means I have to pick them up after work everyday. Always someone to cook and clean.

Staying where I am? factors to consider: saving more and getting closer to my dream of starting a business. A place for my brother to stay so I can take care of him, since he's financially illiterate. A place where my sister smash when shes going out and came home at 4am. Its too small here I want a bigger house with land.

Conversation with R.B. at 2005-02-10 20:11:06 on half_man_half_shark@hotmail.com (msn)
(20:13:33) scottn: go over my cashflow again? my monthly interests is $1020.00
(20:13:43) R.B.: heheheh
(20:13:58) scottn: assuming i pay renntal ~$70
(20:14:12) R.B.: how much is your rental income ?
(20:14:25) scottn: ~$180
(20:14:48) R.B.: that's $720 of rental income
(20:15:05) R.B.: which mean you can claim $300
(20:15:12) R.B.: per month
(20:16:16) R.B.: plus $100 for council + water service
(20:16:21) R.B.: that's $400 in total
(20:16:53) R.B.: you can claim 30% of $400 = $120
(20:17:14) R.B.: however... your rent is $70 per week = $280/month
(20:17:29) R.B.: net cash flow = -$160
(20:17:37) R.B.: so you will loose $160 per month
(20:17:50) scottn: thats not good at all
(20:18:05) R.B.: that's only a rough estimate
(20:18:10) scottn: but if im staying then i keep feeding money to the mortgage monster
(20:18:47) R.B.: yeah
(20:19:38) scottn: i loose both ways, cause if i stay I cant claims anything back from tax
(20:19:43) R.B.: you are on $45K now ?
(20:19:48) scottn: yeap, very closed to 50K
(20:20:07) R.B.: yeah it's 30% for you
(20:20:46) scottn: i can increase my mortgage payment and rental income to lower down the house interest payments?
(20:20:53) R.B.: yes
(20:20:59) R.B.: which bank are you with ?
(20:21:05) R.B.: for your mortgage
(20:21:30) scottn: "best mortgage solution" 7.05%
(20:21:38) R.B.: and is it variable ?
(20:21:44) R.B.: or fixed term ?
(20:22:55) scottn: after first 12 months its variable rate, im on variable rate now
(20:23:17) R.B.: in that case... whatever money you got spare ... put in the house
(20:23:46) R.B.: if you need the money you can always withdraw afterward....
(20:23:57) R.B.: but check if you have to pay any fees...
(20:25:03) scottn: if i increase my mortgage payment + the rental incomes to my weekly mortgage will that lower the interest much?
(20:25:57) R.B.: yes... it will shorten your loan period...
(20:26:25) scottn: which means i have to eat 2 mins noodle for lunch everyday for the next 7 years
(20:26:31) R.B.: hahahha
(20:26:38) R.B.: no
(20:26:42) scottn: hehe
(20:26:43) R.B.: it means you have to cook more
(20:26:49) R.B.: or leech off your mum
(20:26:57) R.B.: your mum's cooking
(20:27:17) scottn: but if im living with the other guys i can prepare lunch from home
(20:27:26) R.B.: yes that's right
(20:27:52) R.B.: the more people you live with... the better off you will be in term of financial...
(20:28:01) R.B.: b/c you will be sharing the fixed cost....
(20:31:07) R.B.: my suggestion: stay where you are, pay into the house every cents you have available
(20:34:32) scottn: i need money to spend on my girls
(20:34:35) scottn: hehe
(20:34:48) R.B.: hahhaha
(20:34:50) scottn: yeah i'll probably stay
(20:35:06) R.B.: :)
(20:40:06) The conversation has become inactive and timed out.

  • 13 Feb 2005


The Vietnamese New Year is called Tet. It is commonly believed that the first person to enter your house at New Year will bring either good or bad luck. During this holiday we frequently visit our friends and relatives to give li xi (red envelopes) to the childrens because they bring happiness, joy, and good luck. It's believed that the Ong Tao (Kitchen God) in every home travels to Heaven at the New Year. This God who was privy to the family's most private business and intimate secrets for the ending year, returns to Heaven to make his report to the Ngoc Hoang (Jade Emperor). Thus, the New Year is a time to reflect on the past and improve in the future. In our folklore the God travels to heaven on the back of a fish, called a carp. That is why today some people will buy a live carp, and then free it in a river or pond.

In Australia, every year we have the Vietnamese New Year Festival, this yearly event attended by over 20,000 people and is the highlight of the Vietnamese-Australian calendar. It is held at Warrick Farm, for many of us youngers, at day we work/study at night we enjoy the life of feast and festivities. Nightlife is spectacular.

On the night our Vietnamese-Australian Dragon Boat (VADB) stall attacks the happy crowd with free ballons for the kids.

  • 14 Feb 2005

This Valentines

Just remembered its Valentine's Day on the way home from work. Called up Girl 1. I took the long road home. Picked some roses for Valentine and wild flowers, I wanted yellow ones, as to say - We are friends, the sex were good, happy Valentine's day.

  • 15 Feb 2005

A night for Asia

Tuesday training with Will and Khanh is awesome! My last training session for the week, saving my energy for the Chinese New Year Dragon Boat competition this Saturday at Darling Harbour.

On Marie's request. A Night for Asia is a charity dinner raising funds for the tsunami victims, see you there.

  • 17 Feb 2005

The spoilt one

Little sister has officially earn her tittle as Miss Nguyen. She's started tutoring a class of juniors as at yesterday. Nonetheless I still spoilt her with weekly pocket money and letting her go out as late as 4am. I will deck anyone who mistreat her.

  • 19 Feb 2005

Race day

We had the ultimate race day at the Chinese New Year Dragon Boat racing competition. Today's sky is red, there will be a storm today, as the saying goes Red sky at night, sailor's delight. Red sky in morning, sailor's warning.

We're making the kill in Mixed division B, our team ranked 1st. Youth division we came 3rd overall. Thanks for making it a memorable day, next up the State Titles in Canberra.

Happy 22nd birthday Clarissa.. sorry I wont make it to your cocktail birthday party tonight.

Visit VADB Online

  • 20 Feb 2005

At home

Stayed at home; its been rainning all day. Enrolled in classical guitar class at the Vietnamese Traditional Music School with Khoi, 12PM-2PM every Saturday, hopefully I'll take it seriously this time around, so I can play harder songs.

Revising my old music notes. I have a crush on Julie.

  • 22 Feb 2005

Being single #26

Tuesday training with Will and Khanh is way cool. Light to moderate south to southeast winds at 10 knots.

Since Alex left the company, most of his resposibilities has fallen back to me. Robert, Software Manager is on annual leave, I pick up the projects and appointments where he left off. It's been very stressful at work. At times I stayed back at the office, because no one is waiting for me at home. I guess training is balancing out my social life.

  • 23 Feb 2005

Olivia's leaving

Its Olivia H last day at the office, Marketing Department will be empty without her. I'm gonna miss all the free chocolate cookies, lunch and the after work drives home. Though I'm happy for her that she finally found the new job inline with her career path and closer to home. Goodluck for the future Olivia.

  • 24 Feb 2005

Being single #27

Thursday training.

I wont be attendign the Doing It For The Kids charity function at IMAX this Saturday, but I bought raffle tickets in support. My favourite charity still is the Free the Children, I have been their supporter since the early 1993.

In my lifetime I want to establish a school, a girls school. Because I believe an educated girl is an educated mother, they will uplift the mind of the childrens and therefore making a better society.

  • 26 Feb 2005

A Night For Asia

A successful night of concert and entertainment, raising funds for the Asian tsunami victims. Tonight we shine the spirit of Vietnamese community in support and assists those who are misfortunate.

All proceeds on the night will go to CARE Australia. CARE Australia is Australia's second largest foreign aid organisation, providing humanitarian assistance to developing countries across the globe. It was formed in 1987 by our former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser.

If you ask a Vietnamese girl the chances are she'll have a pair of Ao Dai, ask a Vietnamese guy and the chances are he can play guitar. Its a Vietnamese thing.

  • 26 Feb 2005

New start

My first music lesson today, after so long. Back to basic for me, I was told to get a new set of steel strings, the current ones are all worn out.

Helping Khoi moving bricks, his little castle is underconstruction, the backyard can fit a tennis court.

News of a financial serices organisation going commercialise, so I'm applying for Senior Software or Software Development Manager role for $70K+ a year. If I get it I'll resign from my current company.

  • 27 Feb 2005

Sydney Fish Market

Sunday training, mostly cloudy day, winds at 13 knots. Mid-way through training we dock with Hoang dad's boat for some snacks and beer. The beer taste unbelievably good.

After training walking over to the Sydney Fish Market for some lite lunch.

  • 28 Feb 2005

For sale

Cleaning up the garage, selling the lot! The package includes:

- 1991 JZZ30 Silver Manual Soarer
- 1997 40,xxxkms 2JZ GTE non-vvti engine + Supra crossmember
- FIMC (Micks Metal Craft) 600 X 300 X 75MM with a full alloy pipes
- HKS T3G turbo kit
- Pod filter
- 3" exhaust with a 4 1/2" tip
- Car dyno at 230rwkw on 14.9psi with factory intercooler and running rich
- Light weight Genova forged Magnesium 18x9.5 235 tyres, 18x10 265 tyres
- Blitz boost gauge
- Razo turbo timer
- Recaro driver seat
- JVC MP3s flip down head unit
- Rear pioneer speakers
- 4 channel amp

It's a riceboy dream car, price and full list of accessories will be post up after my trip to the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne. Call on 0404 254 172 if you want to place an offer.

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